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A Country by Country Breakdown of the World’s Favourite Dog Names!

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” wrote William Shakespeare. These wise words can apply to plenty of other things in life, including our beloved canines. Because whether it’s a Fido or a Daisy, these furry, four-legged creatures are always super-cute and super lovable.

Still, researchers from Budget Direct decided to find out what people all over the world are calling their pooches. And here’s a close look at what they found out.

Popular names for female dogs

Luna, which comes from the Latin word for moon goddess, is officially the most popular name in the world for female dogs. Luna took the top spot in 16 countries spread across the globe, including Finland, Serbia, and Ecuador.

Every dog owner thinks their pooch is the most gorgeous furball on the planet. That explains why Bella is the second most common name for female canines. Bella, meaning beautiful in Italian, is the number one name for lady dogs in Croatia, Denmark, and the USA.

Other names the made it onto the top ten list include Lola, Molly, Kira, Daisy, and Mia.

The most popular names in the world for the boy pups

Dogs are our best friends. So it’s no surprise that Buddy is the name of choice for male dogs in several nations, including North Macedonia and Indonesia.

But the synonym for ‘friend’ is only the third most popular pet moniker on the boy’s list. Charlie took second spot, while a rather fitting name sits above all others: Max! It’s short for Maximilian, meaning “the greatest!”

Rex is another popular dog name with an illustrious history. It derives from a Latin word meaning ‘king.’ However, these regal pooches had to settle for 10th place. ‘Commoner’ names like Jack, Charlie, and Toby all ranked higher!

Rocky, Milo, and Leo took the remaining spots. Of those, Milo best typifies our ongoing love affair with our four-legged friends. In the Slavic languages, Milo means ‘dearest’ or ‘beloved.’

Rocky is a solid name for the mastiff, pitbull, or rottweiler breeds. These natural guard dogs could also pull off Leo. In German, Leo is a shortened version of Leon or Leopold, meaning the ‘brave-hearted or ‘lion-hearted.’

Unique names for unique pets

Figa and Azor are the favored names of Polish pooch owners. Figa means fig, and the Poles like to use this sweet word as a name for their sweet female pups.  Azor, the number one boy dog name in Poland, roughly translates as ‘assistant’  or ‘helper.’

The most popular name for male dogs in Turkey is Duman. It translates as ‘smoke.’ And Lithuanians also have a unique sounding name for their male canines: Draugas. However, it’s actually a very common word. In fact, it means ‘pal’ or ‘buddy,’ proving that a best friend by another other name is still a best friend…

Kutya, the top name for male dogs in Hungary, can mean babbler, big noise, or big pot! Some meanings will also get lost in translation!

We might call our precious pooches by different names. But wherever you go, we humans always show the same love for these amazing creatures.

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