9 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Don’t have much to invest in upgrading your home?  Don’t worry. There are some tricks you can follow that will make your home look luxurious and become the envy of everyone on a shoestring budget.

In this article, we will be focusing specifically on upgrading your living room as it is one of the most important rooms in your home. Your living room is where your guests gather, and you spend most of your free time relaxing. So, it ought to be comfy, but it can look expensive too.

You can also take a look at how you can benefit from mood board interior design before you take a dive into your home revamping project. Without further ado, here are nine ways that you can implement to make your home look expensive without spending a fortune.

Start by decluttering

No matter how costly your decors are, if you have a cluttered room, your home will never look expensive. You can keep a generously styled mantelpiece, but never overstuff it as it will look cheap and disordered.

Photo by Natasha Barrault Design

Try trimming down your possessions and edit your collectibles to just those few favorites for an elevated and classic look. If you are not sure how to start, read up some DIY room tidying tips available online.

Consider layered lighting

Many homeowners tend to neglect it, but lighting is one of the most crucial elements of interior design. When your living room lacks multiple layers of lighting, it causes unflattering shadows, when you want even washes of light. Designers usually use three lighting layers.

Photo by Tutto Interiors

The first is the ambient lighting layer that gives your room an overall illumination. You can use overhead lighting, such as pendants or chandeliers, to create it.

The next layer is the accent lighting layer that will emphasize points of interest in your interiors like artwork or any other features. You can use wall scones or track lighting for creating an accent lighting layer.

Photo by LKID

The last layer is the task lighting that can illuminate specific areas where you perform tasks. Consider what task will be done in the designated area before purchasing a light. The light should get rid of shadows and be glare-free. It should also be bright enough to prevent eye strain. For instance, if you read on your sofa near the mantelpiece, you can get a floor lamp. Pendants and desk lamps are other commonly used task lights.

Let your drapes touch the floor

An excellent window treatment can add an instant luxe factor to your living room. The trick is to ensure that your drapes hit the floor. Curtains that are too short look cheap and store-bought. The good idea is to measure the window before you buy them.

Photo by Budget Blinds of Old Saybrook

An inexpensive way to make your own curtain is to select a pure, lightweight cotton fabric and sew it or take it to your tailor. Hanging curtains above the frame will create the illusion of a taller window. Also, hang curtains wider than the frame.

Go for large-scale art

Oversized art doesn’t only grab attention and sparks conversation, but it instantly adds a cool, luxe feel to your space. Hanging large-scale art on your wall will create a focal point and add a wow factor to your space. The look is chic and hassle-free.

Photo by Leigh Olive Mowry-Olive Interiors

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You can look for cheap art pieces in flea markets and thrift stores. Or upload your favorite picture to sites like Artifact Uprising. They can turn your favorite photos into a work of art. It will add a personal touch to your space.

Invest in interesting textile

Use vintage or antique textiles to make throw pillows or cover your seat cushions and upholstered stools. It will give your living room a custom look. Investing in an antique Turkish rug is another good idea to make your home more appealing. It will add a unique element to your room while personalizing your space. Or simply add a textural throw pillow over a sofa to make your room more inviting and cozy.

Photo by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Mount your television

Just by doing something simple as mounting your television to the wall, you can achieve a clean, streamlined living room look. However, first, consider whether your wall can handle the weight and measure your walls before mounting your TV. You can hide the wires with cable covers or go for a power bridge kit.

Photo by Reliance Design Build

Use metallics

Adding metallic desk clocks, metallic pedestal tables, or metallic decorative accessories can instantly make your living space look fancy. It will bring a little bit of glitz and glam. You can also try metallic wallpaper, high-gloss paint or light fixtures with metal finishes. The trick is not to overdo it.

Photo by Ivy Lane Living

Display flowers and plants

Another inexpensive way to give an instant facelift to your room is by displaying flowers and plants. Go for a beautiful vase or an abandoned teacup and fill it with colorful flowers or simply display a lovely potted plant on a table or bookshelf.

Photo by Michael Abrams Interiors

There are many nontoxic house plants like the spider plant, Christmas cactus, burros tail, and others. Choose a few of your favorites and bring them to your room.

Add curvy shapes

To add depth and interest to your living room, it is crucial to use a variety of shapes. And if you intend to make your room look expensive, adding some curvy items is the best solution. You can look for curvy accessories, lamps, mirrors, furniture legs – the list is infinite.

Photo by DANE AUSTIN INTERIOR DESIGN Boston & Cambridge


There you have it! The nine best tips you can implement today to make your living room space look more expensive. Start by decluttering your home first and try to keep things minimal to add the sophisticated and luxe factor. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home appear like one that is owned by the super-rich.

Photo by Solitude Homes

Using your brain, some DIY, and a little help from this article can alter the look of your home altogether. Also, don’t be afraid to add a personal touch to your room. Express your personality with your home interior design. Your guests will definitely be awed by it.

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