9 Things To Look For In A Renewable Energy Provider

Renewable energy seems to be gaining global acceptance now and is being utilized not only by businesses but also in homes. Some of the most affordable renewable energy sources today are solar energy and wind energy. Aside from the benefits to your pockets, they’re also believed to have lesser adverse effects on the environment.

With all this hype around the use of renewable energy worldwide, you’re probably starting to be convinced that going green is the way to go for your home or business. But perhaps there’s one thing that’s keeping you from all this—a suitable provider.

You need to find a provider that would give you detailed explanations on how to go about installing and using renewable energy. Recent technologies and rapid adaptation have led to an increase in renewable energy providers with varying levels of knowledge and experience.

So how do you know which among the many energy providers would fit your needs? How could you tell which of their energy audits apply to your home or business? How could a renewable energy system benefit you? Here are some ideas to help you narrow down your choices so you could find a suitable provider that would help you transition to clean and renewable energy.

What To Look For In A Renewable Energy Provider

Aside from learning about the different providers in your area, you probably have several quotes in your hand to help you decide. While it could be tempting to make price a deciding factor, there’s more to renewable energy than low-cost installation or attractive packages.

Choosing a sustainable energy provider could be daunting since the technology is new, and there are many unanswered questions you may still have. But in essence, you’re looking for skilled professionals who would not only install a renewable energy system on your home or business but also provide you support as you adjust to the new energy form and its accompanying technology.

Renewable Energy Provider Checklist

There are a lot of criteria to consider to help you find a reputable renewable energy installer for your home or business. Here are some of them:

Energy Availability

There are several types of renewable energy, and perhaps one or two are suitable for your residence or business establishment. Solar energy seems to be in demand right now, and many companies appear to be offering solar panel or solar heating services.

Companies such as Smart Solar Energy and similar providers offer energy audits to show you how solar energy could lower your energy cost and how much you’d spend. They could also answer questions you may have regarding the form of renewable energy you desire.

Wind energy is another option, and it uses turbines to produce electricity. Other forms of renewable energy include geothermal and hydropower energy, which could be used to generate power. Biofuels, on the other hand, could be used to run cars and other vehicles.

While sustainable energy could work for your home or office, make sure your preferred green power is available in your area. Once you decide which renewable energy form is most suitable for your needs, you could then contact the company and inquire about their services and applicable contracts.

The current trend for residential and commercial space owners is to adopt solar energy due to its known benefits and increasing availability. You could also explore this option and search for several installers to compare and consider.

Company Track Record

A proven track record is also a must when choosing a renewable energy provider. Check if the company is a startup or already established as more years mean better experience in installing equipment in various residential and commercial structures.

A more extended existence in the renewable energy business also means they’d be around in case you’d have warranty issues in the future. This could work to your advantage should you need assistance when encountering issues with the system.

Aside from the company’s professed standing, you could also look at customer reviews for satisfactory ratings and recommendations for their service. If you know anyone who availed of their service, ask about their experience and if they can vouch for the company’s reputation. Take note of any negative feedback so you could ask the company how they resolved such customer concerns.

Licenses And Certifications

It also pays to look for a renewable energy provider that’s licensed by your state. You could request to have their license number and cross-check it with your state utility commission. Having a license to operate tells you that their business is not only legitimate as they also meet basic qualifications from government agencies.

If you’re leaning toward solar energy providers, ask if they are certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). Certification ensures that they use recent technology and best practices to serve their customers.

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Reliable Customer Service

Apart from quality installation, customer support is another important consideration when looking for a renewable energy provider. A reputable one should be able to provide extensive customer support. They should be easily contacted through phone or email and promptly respond to questions. They should also be available online and have social media sites where you could raise your concerns.

Accessibility is a crucial factor since you’d need to keep in touch with them several times regarding the system’s installation or performance. Their representatives should also be able to customize renewable energy setups to your needs and competently explain contract details.

Applicable Warranties And Insurance

Aside from installation or pricing concerns, you should also inquire about available warranties. A reputable installer offers multiple warranties to cover workmanship and various system components. For a solar panel system, for example, an installation warranty often ranges from 1 to 10 years, while manufacturer warranties could differ for the solar panel and other parts.

With regard to insurance policy, determine if it includes the roof, in case of installation of solar panels. This is essential in the event the installation causes your roof to leak or part of it becomes damaged. Also, make sure you adjust your homeowner’s insurance to cover the solar panels.

Installation Crew

Renewable energy providers either use their crew or rely on subcontractors to carry out the installation. While both groups are licensed professionals, you need to know who installs what and who has oversight for the installation process to ensure quality craft. It’s essential to determine who is accountable if specific issues arise.

Performance Guarantee

If you’ve opted for solar energy to power your home or office, ask your prospective installers if they provide a minimum performance guarantee based on your property’s unique conditions. Discuss what they could do if energy outputs are below or beyond expected levels in the first months or years of installation.

The performance of solar panels may decrease over time. Usually, they will only operate at 75% efficiency after 25 years. It’s helpful to know this so you could set your expectations and anticipate changes in the future.

Contract Details

Energy installation contracts contain all the details of your agreement with the provider. Solar panel installations, for example, come with contracts that specify the duration of the service. It also outlines the obligations of both parties, the applicable warranties, and possible replacements. It may also include particular circumstances such as early termination and potential consequences.

Before choosing your provider, know which one in your area offers the best contract terms. After deciding on a provider, make sure to read all the information stated in the contract. Your renewable energy provider should be able to provide you with a written or digital copy of the contract. They should likewise offer you enough time to read and not pressure you into deciding.

Government Incentives

While contracts outline the agreement between you and the energy provider, the pricing determines how much you need to pay for the service. Ask prospective companies if they honor federal or state incentives and how this could reduce costs. Most companies are willing to consider them or develop solutions to accommodate such government grants to speed up the installation process.

Evaluating Potential Providers

Meeting with several installers would provide you with options regarding price, custom fit, warranty, and customer support. Using the standards mentioned above would help you narrow down your choices for a suitable supplier who could install a renewable energy system on your property. Compare the responses you receive and decide which of them could address your energy needs.

If you have trouble choosing, you could consult family members or even ask professionals for their opinion. Sustainable energy is a considerable investment for your future. You’d need all the help you could get to make sure you choose the best provider.


Sustainable energy sources appear to be gradually becoming the norm. Individuals seeking to have renewable energy systems in their homes and businesses could enjoy the benefits of clean energy once they find a reputable provider. Choosing an installer from all the available options could be difficult but not impossible.

A checklist like the one outlined above could help you find a suitable energy provider. Companies with a proven track record for quality installations, state licenses, and NABCEP certifications demonstrate technical experience. Customer service is also a deciding factor as your initial interactions with the company would tell you if they’re competent installers or otherwise.

Adequate responses for issues regarding installation, warranties, and performance guarantees would ensure services are tailored to your needs. At the same time, contracts and insurance coverage provide you peace of mind regarding your choice to go green. When all these requirements are met, you’d be sure that the energy provider you selected is the most competent and fitting partner in this endeavor.

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