9 Ideas To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

We take pride in our homes and in its appearance because we work so hard to make it feel not just like a home, but to be presentable in a way that also gives off what our style is. You can say that the way a home is designed can be like an extension of that homeowner’s personality. There are instances, however, where you have a certain vision for the decor, and simply cannot afford it. When this happens, it’s always a good idea to look into what your options are and get a bit creative. There are plenty of ways for you to make your home look more expensive and luxurious without having to do a complete makeover and break the bank.

Get A Stand-out Chair

There are so many unique chair pieces that are sold by the piece, and serve to be a centerpiece as well as a form of seating. The Eames lounge chair, for example, is a classic luxury item, but can be pricey at times. The good news is, you can find an Eames lounge chair replica that is just as classy and luxurious. Generally these days, there are high quality replicas available so you don’t have to worry about overspending. There are also accent chairs, that have incredibly high back and beautiful textile designs. If you really look into statement chairs, you’ll find quite an interesting variety and are bound to find out that can really stand out in your home and give it that extra feel of the class.

Art Work

The way you decorate your home says a lot about your style and the artwork is one of the factors that can really make or break the sense of luxury in your home. You really want to go out and see what’s available, and what would go well with your furniture and decor. There are so many mediums to work with as well- you can get artwork on canvas or you could go for a statue or even a fountain. Whatever it is you choose to go for, make sure that it fits well with the overall look.


A very smart way to add a touch of class to your home is to think about getting backsplash. It can really transform a wall in the kitchen or the bathroom, and the variety of designs available are incredibly interesting. Getting a backsplash gives a modern look to your kitchen or bathroom and also allows it to look more expensive because it looks brand new and original, and definitely stands out showing that you pay attention to details.

The Illusion Of Space

Just because you have a small space or low ceilings, it doesn’t mean you can’t get your rooms to look more spacious- all you need to do are a couple of tricks to give the illusion of space. And we all know that space means luxury! When installing your curtains, rather than having them start from where the window sill is, place the curtain rod at the top of the ceiling; this will give the illusion that you have much higher ceilings. This also works when you paint the ceiling a dark color. You can also have mirrors placed strategically in certain rooms- this too will make your room seem much more spacious. Lastly, center your furniture and keep it away from the corners.

Change Old Fixtures

You’ll be amazed at how much more luxurious your home will look when you change the fixtures and upgrade them. Small changes have a  way of having the greatest effect if you do it right. Look into getting all your doorknobs, locks, and cupboard and drawer handles changed. Going for a chrome look is something that is really in style these days, and they last for much longer, as well as having really slick and modern designs.

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Play With Wall Colors

Changing the color of one wall in a room can really transform it. By doing so, you add another dimension, and you can also play around with the kind of texture you use. Usually this gives a more expensive feel because you give depth to the room and by placing the decor, artwork and furniture in a way that keeps the wall in focus, it really shows a lot of skill in design.

Understand Lighting

Overlooking the value of lighting has been a mistake people, often when designing and arranging their homes. If you really want to give your house a luxurious and expensive feel, then pay attention to the lighting before you arrange the furniture. This is particularly important when it comes to natural light. See how the natural light comes and then place your design around that so that it looks right. As for the lighting fixtures, pay attention to the outdoors as well as indoors, and always remember that staying subtle goes a long way in offering natural tones that give off an extra touch of class and luxury.

Everything Doesn’t Have To Match

What’s really trendy in the world of interior design these days is mixing and not matching! People no longer buy into uniform sofa sets and furniture arrangements, instead, they look into getting separate pieces that can complement each other and look unique. This is certainly a power move that shows off your class and understanding of contrast.

Keep It To A Minimum

It’s very easy to get carried away, and also to misinterpret the true meaning of an expensive look. Expensive doesn’t have to mean going over the top and getting large pieces of furniture or lighting fixtures in order to make a statement. You can make a number of statements using your decor and placement in a way that feels expensive and classy, without necessarily going all out. Less is always more, and be smart- having too much going on is never a good look.

It’s much easier than you think to give your home a classy and expensive look. You just need to be smart in the way you place things, look into how you sort the lighting, and pay attention to the smallest details, as they will certainly make a big difference.

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