9 Cities Around the World that Every Coffee Lover Needs to Visit

Coffee is one of the most famous drinks in the world. Many people start the day and end up with a cup of coffee. When you love coffee, you are simply in love with that magical potion. If you do not know where to travel on vacation and you are passionate coffee lovers, these are the 9 most famous cities of coffee around the world.

Rome, Italy

Italy is known for good coffee and food. Italians do not like very sweetened coffee and mixed flavors, so here you will enjoy in the taste of the right coffee.

Most famous cafes: Cafè Greco, Rosati, Ciampini

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Havana, Cuba

There is a wide selection of strong but sweet coffee. Most popular is the popular espresso, which you get there if you order a Cafè Cubano (sugar-prepared espresso), or Cortadito (espresso with milk).

Most famous cafes: Café Bohemia, Café Escorial, La Chucheria

Vienna, Austria

Coffee in Vienna was declared a non-material heritage protected by UNESCO in 2011. Here particular attention is paid to the interior in cafes, atmosphere and decorations. In Vienna, the most famous coffees is espresso and cappuccino, as well as the local Wiener Melange coffee (espresso served in a large cup, which adds hot milk and milk foam over it).

Most famous cafes: Cafe Neko, Cafe Korb, Café Weimar, Kaffee Alt Wien

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Seattle, Washington, USA

In Seattle you will find all kinds of cafes, from modern and urban to artistic, as well as variations between the two styles.

Most famous cafes: Caffè Vita, Victrola Coffee Shop, Tin Umbrella Coffee Shop

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Melbourne, Australia

In Melbourne coffee is paid a lot of attention. Annually is organized a coffee tasting where different tastes can be tried.

Most famous cafes: Pillar of Salt, Stassi Café, Captains of Industry, Gloria Jean’s Coffees

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Image by Gerard Adriaanse via Flickr

Istanbul, Turkey

If you prefer Turkish coffee then visiting Istanbul is what you must do. You will experience a completely new and exotic experience with the already famous Turkish coffee.

Most famous cafes: Mandabatmaz, Velvet Cafe, KronotRop

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Estonia is a place where coffee was discovered, and one of the biggest coffee makers. The coffee baking ceremony is very important, so if you go, you must drink at least three cups of coffee.

Most famous cafes: Tomoca Coffee House, Mokarar (Harar) Coffee Shop, Alem Bunna

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Portland, Oregon, USA

If you like comfortable, freaky, hippy cafes, Portland is the right place for you.

Most famous cafes: Spella Coffee Shop, Barista, Courier Coffee Shop

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Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwanese prefer coffee in cooking versus espresso, although you can get espresso in the famous cafes. Expect the coffee beans in Taipei and other parts of Taiwan to be freshly baked and ground, and cooked at low temperatures in order to preserve the original taste of coffee.

Most famous cafes: Melange Cafe, Barbie Cafe, Paper Plane Cafe

Image by Nisa yeh via Flickr

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