8 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Comfortable

Having a home office is the dream. You have a space to work, be productive and get creative. But, spending long hours in a home office means that you need to focus on ways to make it more comfortable. After all, you cannot be a productive worker if you are not comfortable in your surroundings.

Here are eight simple tips that you can use to make your home office space a relaxing and comfortable one.

1.    Chair Appeal

Many of us spend days at computers, hunched over screens. But, you need to make sure that your chair supports you. The wrong chair can cause back pain and aches. Ensure that you find an ergonomic chair that is fit for purpose. Once you have got comfortable in your chair, the rest will follow. You don’t have to splash the cash on a chair either. Comfort should trump price anyway!


2.    Lighting

Getting the lighting right is important. Having one overhead bulb means that you cannot control the lighting. Add lamps to your desk to ensure that you have layers of light. This will minimise headaches and maximise comfort. Aim for an adjustable lamp where possible. This will ensure that you are working in the most comfortable way possible.


3.    Floor Coverings

A home office is prone to being cold. We often forget that we need to invest a little into the interiors of the room. Adding rugs can add instant warmth. It’s the perfect way to make your office feel more homely.

4.    Artwork

If you have a creative job, you will want to make sure that your home office is a breeding ground for getting the creative juices flowing! You need to make sure that you have wall hangings, posters and prints for inspiration. Keep it bold and beautiful to make your office feel like a welcoming space.

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5.    Keep it Clean!

You need to make sure that your office is clean. Having a dirty, cluttered desk will only serve to make you less productive. Buy waste paper baskets. Keep a coaster in place. Tidy up at the end of your day. Keeping a clean office will ensure that you are comfortable and not distracted.

6.    Temperature Control

There is nothing worse than being too hot or too cold. So, make sure that you regulate the temperature. Make sure that your room is equipped with radiators and AC units. Do ensure that your temperature controlled room is in good order. Contact AC repair in Austin to make sure that you have the relief that you need.


7.    Wires, Wires, Wires

Desktops, laptops, phones and printers. They all have wires. So, make sure that you aren’t fighting for space on the floor and your desk. You can purchase wire tidies to keep your room immaculate. What’s more, you won’t have to worry that you are tugging at the wrong wire.


8.    Get a Plant

Plants effectively act as air filters. But, they also create an air of relaxation and calm. Adding fresh flowers can have the same soothing impact. Bring the outdoors in and beat stress!

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