8 Tips for Carpet Cleaning You Must Know

A clean carpet is essential to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of our rooms. Stains and patches are unavoidable after a few months of laying carpets. It completely distracts the peacefulness of the room. Also, dirt and allergens are cause behind respiratory diseases so making it sure to have cleaned carpets is essential.

Here Are Some Tips That Would Help In Knowing The Essentials Behind Carpet Cleaning:

  • Cleaning your carpet with a vacuum cleaner: Vacuum cleaning your carpet at least once a week is necessary which can take place by dividing your carpet into quadrants when the carpet covers wall-to-wall. Also, you have to be careful with plush carpets and take time in doing your work, as heavy suction would build up gritty particles. Vacuum with overlapping strokes in crisscross patterns where people rub their feet while sitting.

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  • Blotting stains instead of dabbing them: Dabbing stains would cause the carpet fibers to break, damaging the longevity of the carpet. Hence, the best solution is blotting the stains. Do not use brushes or fibers, as it may leave your carpet frayed. Use a piece of white cloth. For recent spills, spot carpet cleaning is the best solution, but it is not the solution for regular carpet maintenance.
  • Choosing the right cleaner for your carpet: An all-purpose cleaner or detergent is not always the best solution for your carpet. Use hydrogen peroxide with cold water for blood stains. For dry stains, blotting with hydrogen peroxide followed by an enzyme-based detergent is the solution. For bodily fluids like pet urine, enzyme-based cleaners are found. If that is not available, you need to blot with ammonia solution followed by detergent and warm water. Club soda can be used for beer or wine stains, but you need to know the proper way of blotting. A shaving cream is also suitable for cleaning any type of stains.
  • Rinsing your carpet: Rinse your carpet with a piece of wet white cloth. Avoid soaking your carpet, as it will lead to problems of mildew and mold by soaking the pad beneath. Use a carpet dryer or keep the fan on, while rinsing your carpet. Rinsing is an important addendum to carpet cleaning procedure.
  • Shampooing your carpet: Shampoo your carpet properly after you have vacuum cleaned it. This process of cleaning is also known as steam-cleaning. Remove your furniture before you start and protect heavy and bulky furniture using squares of plastic cut beneath the legs or by aluminum foils. Look for a cleaner that has a built-in heating core and make your purchase cautiously or rent one. Using much soap will damage the carpet as well as the cleaner so know your measurements properly.
  • Planning the exit: Let the carpet dry before stepping in and do step in without dirty shoes that will again leave behind stains and marks. Hence, planning the exit after carpet cleaning is necessary. For this, you should start cleaning from the end opposite to the entrance, so that you can clean your way out of the room.

  • Freezing sticky particles like ice off your carpet: In case of gums or other sticky particles, stuck onto your carpet, use ice cubes to freeze the mess and leave it for a maximum of 60 seconds, followed by picking up the particle using a spoon. Cut out portions of the carpet close to the glob.
  • Treating dried wax remains: In this case, you need to use a white piece of cloth or paper over the dried wax and iron it for not more than 30 seconds and wait until it has warmed up. Then scrape it off using a butter knife.

As the process of carpet cleaning and maintaining it, after cleaning is intricate, it is advisable to always hire a professional or at least for twice or thrice, as they have experience, the right skills and equipment which makes the experience cost-effective and less time-consuming.

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