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8 Productivity-Boosting Plants for Your Denver Office

Working as well as living in Denver is a blessing for multiple reasons. This city provides conditions so everyone can find a good balance between work and private life. Also, the weather is pleasant, and the amount of sunshine throughout the year is adequate to positively affect people’s psychological state. But, working long hours enclosed in an office can take a toll on one’s emotions, eventually decreasing productivity and energy levels. Although you are not always able to improve major elements of your workspace and working hours, you can do a few things to improve the situation. For example, if you decide to get some of the following eight productivity-boosting plants for your Denver office, you will be surprised by their positive effects on your work life.

1. Peace lily will show you when it’s thirsty

This one has it all – the flowers, the low-maintenance nature, and the regular capability of plants to purify the air. It even has its personality! When it needs water, it will droop dramatically and look bad. Once it gets the necessary hydration, it will return to its regular upright position. Thanks to this little habit of showing you what it needs, it’s a perfect plant for people that don’t have too much experience with taking care of greenery. It does require some sunlight, though, but not a direct one. It will make your office, as well as your home, a cozy place to work but just make sure no pets have access to it as it is toxic for them.

2. ZZ plant absorbs pollution from your office air

Another pet-toxic plant is the ZZ plant, so it’s not the perfect addition to offices with a pet-friendly policy. But what makes this one an excellent office plant is that it can absorb pollution from the air. Even though Denver’s proximity to the mountains makes its air a bit better than in some other cities, pollutants are still a normal part of any industrially developed area. Therefore, a natural pollutant-eradicator can only make your workstation a better place to be.

3. Cast iron plant is among the best productivity-boosting plants for your Denver office

This resilient little leafy creature will endure even if you forget it exists. Therefore, it is an excellent office plant. It doesn’t need much water and light, so it is ideal for brightening up the corners where other plants would wither. The experts in relocation from Homegrown Moving Company Denver say that people tend to forget the plants when relocating offices, so most of them perish in the whole process. But this is the plant that will probably be the only one of your green buddies that will survive the ordeal, so from that point of view, it is a good investment.

4 Snake plant is said to be the best in carbon dioxide to oxygen conversion

Since it is a low-light plant, the snake plant can boost the morale of the people that work in darker corners. It is a modest one that doesn’t need much watering. But a great thing about it is that it is one of the absolute best-known plants at converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Basically, it is an organic air purifier that is pretty enough to add a personal touch to your corporate or home office, equally.

5. Spider plant – almost indestructible

Similarly to the cast iron plant, the spider plant is almost indestructible. It is very durable in all conditions. The funny thing about it, though, is that it frequently produces mini-versions of itself. So, before you know it, the whole company can become a spider-plant jungle. If you worry that it will be a nightmare to relocate when the day comes, don’t sweat it, just hire commercial movers in Denver for the task. They will send a team that can handle this with ease. The survival of the furniture and your indoor garden is guaranteed.

6. Tillandsias, the air plant

And now a completely different member of the house plant squad – the air plant. The main advantage of Tillandsias is its unusual aesthetic appeal. It is one of the plants for your Denver office that will make it a cool place to work. These are usually placed in glass or plastic, transparent terrariums hanging from the ceiling or standing on the desk. It is important to remember a few rules of its maintenance, such as:

7. Aloe Vera is a healer among office greenery

Those who like growing plants that are useful on several levels should get Aloe Vera. The benefits of gel from this plant’s fat leaves are world-famous for healing wounds, among other things, so it is pretty good to have it around the office. Especially when suffering those nasty papercuts and you’re short of other supplies. It needs some indirect light and not much watering. So, a plant that can be used as a healing balm and isn’t needy – a perfect combo.

8. Cactus absorbs EMF radiation coming from your office devices

Last but not least – the cactus. According to some traditions, having a cactus around brings bad energy. However, many people are quite happy with it in their lives. It is said that it can absorb EMF radiation from devices around it. Obviously, it needs minimal watering and light. The feature that makes this little prickly thing so popular is its unusual appearance and the fact that it doesn’t change much – it grows very little. Over the years, it has become a popular addition to the balconies, offices, and pretty much any space you want to beautify by adding some greenery.

Final thoughts

As you can see, these productivity-boosting plants for your Denver office will improve your workday by purifying your air, beautifying your space, and sometimes removing radiation and acting as a healing balm. And what is most important, they are relatively easy to maintain and will forgive you if you forget about them. Therefore, there’s every reason to include them in your office interior.

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