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8 Kitchen Design Trends Expected In 2023

Kitchen trends have come and gone over the years. Several notable trends are worth checking if you plan to renovate your kitchen for a fresh look this year. In 2023, expect changes to come with kitchen trends. Some may involve darker wood stains, an earth-inspired look, dramatic palette combinations, kitchen island upgrades, and making the most out of the space with bold materials such as stone.

Some homeowners can envision what their ideal kitchen would look like. If you find it challenging to think about the design you want for your kitchen and the trends you’ll include, consider using kitchen design software to give you a head start.

If you want to keep your kitchen up to date both in the functionality and aesthetic aspect, here are the kitchen design trends to keep an eye out for in 2023.

Earth-Inspired Materials And Hues

Nature will continue to be a style inspiration for kitchen design this 2023. The upcoming kitchen trends are becoming more considerate and focusing on enhancing the time you spend in the heart of every home.

By highlighting comfort and longevity, the trend is about incorporating naturally beautiful, quality materials that are gracefully guaranteed to age and endure the test of time. The earth-inspired kitchen design uses natural stone benchtops and splashbacks with unpainted wood cabinetry in natural, muted tones of olive, sage, and any earthly hues you can think of.

Elegant Stone Surfaces

Stone will always be a lovely addition to any kitchen design. Stone benchtops and splashbacks are becoming a trend. As more choices become available, you can choose from various colors and patterns to create the ambiance you want. While soft, understated colors and patterns are common favorites, expect bold colors with dramatic veining to become readily available.

A good example worth the splurge is marble, especially the high-contrast varieties. Going for a marble benchtop or countertop with prominent veining is a significant visual contrast that readily catches the eye.

A slab backsplash is also another level up from traditional backsplashes. Generally, it’s a single large piece of continuous material. Some choices for a slab backsplash include quartz, granite, and marble.

Statement Yet Functional Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is an important element due to its functional role. This year, expect the kitchen island to exude better aesthetic appeal and a boost in functionality.

For example, you’re likely to see designs of kitchen islands with tech features such as integrated charging stations or spaces for devices to rest on while being used. Additionally, the islands are also getting bigger. The design is to accommodate dining and entertainment right in the kitchen.

Dark-Colored Wood

This year, dark-colored wood is a kitchen trend worth considering for your upcoming renovation. Some rich timber species, such as oak and walnut, have been popular choices for years and will stand out in the following years. The darker wood varieties are highly versatile and seamlessly fit into any kitchen theme ranging from modern and rustic to industrial.

The dark-colored timber used as display shelves or paneling can work with elements such as veined benchtops and splashbacks to create the perfect contrast.

Aging Finishes

Regarding kitchen fixtures and handles, stainless steel and chrome will always be favorites. You can expect a growing interest in finishes that embrace materials’ natural aging process.

A good example of this kitchen trend is weathered brass fixtures with an organic finish. Over time, it reveals a distinctive patina that imparts warmth and character to your kitchen. Adding weathered brass fixtures is ideal for creating an appealing contrast to modern benchtops or adding a touch of rustic charm to your cooking space.

Butler Pantry

A butler pantry or scullery is likely to become a trend in 2023. It serves a practical purpose in kitchens by serving as extra storage, a coffee bar, and a place to prepare food, to name a few.

A design option for a butler pantry is having it concealed behind a matching cabinetry panel or a sliding wall door in your kitchen. For a functional approach to the design of a butler pantry, you can focus more on creating additional storage shelves.

Backless Stove

If you love to cook, one of the upcoming kitchen trends you should consider is the shift to backless stoves. As more homes let go of the conventional stove, the transition will likely push through.

One way to create a seamless look in your kitchen is with a backless stove. The stove’s design no longer includes the top rim directly interacting with the backsplash. A backless stove showcases the beauty of a stone slab backsplash.

Kitchen Hood Upgrade

The kitchen hood can make a significant statement in any kitchen, whether you’ll go for a minimalistic or conventional model. Nowadays, you can find designs that seamlessly go well with the design of your kitchen. You can go for an aesthetically-appealing hood to complete the look of the space effortlessly.

Final Thoughts

This year, transforming your kitchen into a fresh space may be a worthwhile investment. Considering these design trends give the space a facelift in the aesthetic and functionality aspects. Regardless of what you want to achieve, these design trends will transform your kitchen into a beautiful space for years to come.

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