8 Essentials for a Comfortable and Relaxing Bedroom

There’s nothing better than collapsing into bed after a long day, so it’s important to prioritize the comfort of your bedroom. Having a welcoming bedroom space may be easier than you think. Here are the eight essentials for a comfortable and relaxing bedroom.

#1: Get Some Fresh Air Circulating

Nothing makes the difference in a room quite like having fresh air. While in seasons of nice weather you can get fresh air circulating in your bedroom by opening the window. During other seasons, that isn’t always an option. Try a quick spritz of room spray for refreshed air.

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If you’re ready for the essential you’ll never regret, get guaranteed year-round refreshed air when you install a quality air purifier. You’d be surprised at how much this small change can help keep your room smelling fresh.

#2: Go For Quality Where It Counts

For certain aspects of your room, it is more important to invest in quality. Furniture that can endure through years of use is going to be essential for your room to feel and stay comfortable. If you’re going to splurge, spend more on your mattress and pillows. You’ll be surprised how big of a difference those little changes can make.

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#3: Buy the Right Bedspread

A bedspread fundamentally sets the tone for a bedroom space, so make sure you get the right one. The best bedding sets don’t just help you fend off chilly nights, they are also the key to the style and design scheme in your bedroom. You can incorporate bedspread patterns and textures into your bedroom for a cohesive design.

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This can range from getting a striped accent pillow in the colors of your bedspread to using paint colors for the walls that coordinate with your bedspread’s design. The fabric texture is important to consider as well. It might be worth it to sacrifice the more chic bedspread in favor of a more comfortable one. Luckily, though, there are many bedspreads that can be both stylish and luxuriously soft.

#4: Brighten It Up

A bedroom will automatically feel more inviting, welcoming, and comfortable if it is well-lit. There are plenty of ways to brighten up your room space. If you’re painting, choose a lighter color; if you’re installing new lights, experiment with dimmer switches or beside lights that are easily controllable. You can also use lighting fixtures to great effect, like a floor lamp or sconce to introduce added brightness and style into your room.

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Of course, you don’t want to forget the power of natural light, either. You can embrace the natural light in your room with the way you arrange your furniture. Plants can also help to breathe life into your space. Theming your room with plants means you won’t need quite as extreme measures to see a positive difference. They also provide natural air filtration qualities, so you can solve two problems at the same time.

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#5: Consider the Entertainment You Want

For some people, having premium access to devices such as a large TV mounted on the wall or desktop computer is a must in their bedroom. Others may prefer to keep their bigger electronics and entertainment sources in other areas of the house so the bedroom can just be used for its intended purpose. In order for you to have a comfortable, relaxing bedroom, you have to first consider what connection and entertainment you want available in that space. If you share your room, you should discuss that with your partner or roommate to ensure that you are on the same page. Whether your entertainment is a 56-inch TV or a biography on the nightstand, make sure you have the right level of connection readily available to you.

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#6: Choose Decor That Reflects Your Personality

While there are general principles to keep in mind for decorating your space, ultimately, your room is about you – so its appearance should reflect that. Personalized touches are critical to having a space you can truly unwind and relax. Consider the power of choosing a handmade rug over the generic version you could pick up at a local store. Not only will you be able to express yourself, but you’ll also be getting a piece that doubles in functionality as both useful and decorative.

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Customizing your room can be a fun process that will help you enjoy your time spent in the room afterward. When you put time and thought into the little pieces of the room, it can become a cultivated oasis for you.

#7: Optimize Your Storage Solutions

Sure, you might have great storage throughout your house, but realistically, we all store a lot of items in the bedroom. That means that optimizing storage solutions is one of the most important ways to help the room stay comfortable and relaxing instead of stressful and guilt-inducing. No one wants to be oppressed by the mess that comes from not having the right storage systems in place.

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Depending on your room’s layout, your storage may be primarily in the closet, in an armoire, under-the-bed, or in a drawer. No matter the structure, reconsidering storage rather than keeping things where they are because that’s where they’ve always been is going to be important. Invest in your bedroom design with storage that works, which may mean custom solutions.

#8: Don’t Forget About the Walls

Finally, while the objects and decor within the four walls of your room are critical, you can’t forget about the walls themselves. Wallpaper is a great option to style your bedroom that can add color and create texture throughout the space you already have. Many of us tend to think of wallpaper as an undesired leftover relic from decades past, but it can actually be trendy if you choose well. Cozy wallpaper murals are unique and can set the color scheme, tone, and mood of your space.

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Whatever you decide, these tips can help you make the most of your space. A room that is comfortable and relaxing is the most important aspect of any bedroom.

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