8 Genius DIY Mouse Traps That Will Fix Your Problem

Check out these 8 genius DIY mouse traps!

A Glass, a Nickel, And Peanut Butter

This is a very simple DIY mouse trap that will easily catch a mouse. All you have to do is smear some peanut butter inside the glass (on the bottom) and turn it upside down so it rests on the nickel. As soon as the mouse enters and starts eating the peanut butter, the nickel will get displaced and the glass will trap the mouse.


Using a shoebox will effortlessly help you catch a mouse or two. Simply take a shoebox, cut a rectangular hole on top, and glue some paper so it forms a trap door. Place some bait in the middle of the paper and put the shoebox in a nice position. The mice will climb up, realize there’s food available, and fall into the shoebox since the paper can’t hold them!

Using Toilet Paper Rolls and a Bucket

Balance the empty toilet paper roll on the edge of your table. Put some bait on the far end and place a bucket under the toilet paper roll. Once the mouse tries to take the food, the balance will be disrupted and both the mouse and the roll will fall into the bucket. Make sure it’s tall enough so the mouse can’t climb out of it!


Cut the top part of the bottle and turn it upside down in the bottom part of the bottle. Fasten the edges with something (preferably duct tape) and place some bait at the bottleneck (but make sure that it doesn’t fall inside instantly). Put the bottle next to a shelf and secure it at the bottom so it doesn’t tip over once the mouse falls through the bottleneck!

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Swinging Lid Mouse Trap

Get a large bucket and create an entry point near the top of the bucket on the sides. It needn’t be large; just about the size of a mouse. Place a platform (which is secured to the top of the bucket) so the mouse can climb onto it. A bit of peanut butter on the other side and voila! The mouse will disrupt the platform which will make it fall to the bottom of the bucket.

Spinning Can

The process is very similar to the one above except you don’t use a platform. Using a can might seem counter-intuitive but if you do it correctly, there’s no way that the mouse will escape. The mouse will climb onto the can (in an attempt to reach peanut butter which is on the other side) and will fall into the bucket (as the can will spin).

Plate and Bucket

Again, very similar concept to the above two traps except you’ll be using a plate. Make sure that you place the plate on top of the bucket but off balance (basically, make one side larger than the other and keep the larger side balanced by using the bucket). The mouse will fall into the bucket once it attempts to cross the plate and get to the bait.

Plastic Bottle

This DIY trap is also relatively simple to make but you need to be careful. This video sums it up pretty well and it explains the logic behind it.

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