8 Creative Tips to Grow Your Business Offline

Although we are all accustomed to seeing online ads for different businesses, that’s not the only way businesses can make themselves visible to potential customers.

As an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t rely solely on advertising your business on social media. Having a strong marketing plan that covers offline aspects is equally important. If you are in need of creative ideas on how to do it, here are some great suggestions:

1. Sticky reminders

Stickers are highly popular – most of us enjoy decorating our laptops, rucksacks, bags, and video consoles with various stickers. You should use that fact to your advantage.

You can give away your business’s stickers at various events together with some other gifts. You will be surprised by just how many places you will find your stickers in. Stickers can circulate in most amazing places – maybe you will see them on a bus, at a bar, or on a random person’s notebook.

You can also place stickers on a strategic location where it will be easily spotted. That way you could attract more followers.

2. Rent billboard space

Ad space on billboards is always worth spending money on. However, there are two conditions in order for your billboard to be successful. First, the ad on the billboard needs to be interesting. Secondly, it needs to be placed in a high-traffic area, possibly near your actual business location.

Billboards are an expensive marketing technique but they can pay off greatly because of the massive exposure you could get. The most important details of your business need to be completely visible – your physical and website address, and your contact information.

3. Direct mail

You may be surprised, but in the period of the internet and email, direct mail is still incredibly effective when it comes to advertising a business. Up to 80% of people open their mail, even direct marketing mail. Compared to that, marketing emails are open in only 18% of cases. So, it’s pretty obvious why you should invest in a good direct marketing letter text.

To make your direct mail even more creative, send a fun piece of direct mail to entertain and attract attention. For example, you can send a 3D mail, interactive mail, ultra-personalized mail with free advice, include free samples of your product, or send the tiniest Christmas cards to shock and surprise.

4. Trade shows and expos

Exhibiting at an exhibition or a trade show is a great way of marketing your services or products to a larger audience. It’s also fantastic because you get to build a closer relationship with your existing and potential customers. And companies like Display Me make it easier for you to stand out at those events – they can provide you with personalized exhibition walls, stands, and accessories, but also with personalized items such as table cloths, portable counters, illuminated displays, and direction arrow signs. All of these items combined will help to make your stand unique and attractive to the visitors.

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5. Guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing is every kind of unconventional marketing strategy that works great with offline marketing because there are tons of ways to get creative.

You are free to come up with any idea you can – the more original, the better. You can place one of your products next to a landmark or a statue to create a funny sight, you can get a pantomimer or a magician to give out your business cards on the street, or you can create an amazing graphic of a common object and place it on a high-traffic street.

Stencil graffiti is one of the examples as well, where you can advertise your business for a short period in several small areas. Flash mob, for instance, creates a lot of attention, as they are usually performed at the peak of traffic in a busy street and they are always fun to watch and even to be a part of.

6. Event at your company

To introduce your business to new people, it’s only logical you invite them to come and visit you so that they can see for themselves what you have to offer.

So, host an event at your company/office/store and send out personalized invitations to everyone in your local area. Don’t use a generic email because direct and personalized mail will have a stronger effect. People are always interested to come to an event to which they were personally invited.

7. Educational talks and workshops

People don’t tend to trust businesses they have never heard of, so you need to make yourself visible. Take part in educational events or host a workshop in your store. Both of these things can get potential customers closer to you and can make them feel like they know you better. The goal is to build trust and the way to do it is to present yourself during an educational event or to give people something useful to learn in a workshop.

8. Create branded merchandise

Surprisingly, people like to wear business-related merchandise, especially if it’s a business they like. You have probably never said “no” to a branded mug or pen offered by a company.

So, that would be a perfect way to become more visible and for people to remember your business. Even selling your own branded merchandise is cool because people who support and love your business will buy them. Just make sure you come up with a funny or clever slogan or a great design – your investment will pay off.

Bottom line

Offline business marketing is still alive and well. The reason behind this is that it offers numerous possibilities to be creative and to get noticed. Opting for any of the strategies above will bring you recognition and profit if you play it right.

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