8 Cool Weather Summer Travel Destinations That’ll Help You Beat the Heat

Looking for a late summer travel destination that’s not sweltering? You’ve come to the right place! Here are 8 solid suggestions.

It can be tricky finding a vacation destination that is not boiling in the summer. Lucky for us there are cooler spots, from the United States to Norway, where we can venture outdoors without worrying about the heat. If you have been seeking inspiration for a cool summer destination, you’re in the right place.

Here are eight cool weather destinations to complete your summer travel itinerary.

1. Tasmania

Tired of short trips and want to see an entirely different part of the world? Head down under to Tasmania, a less-crowded island just south of Melbourne. The best way to experience Tasmania is by road tripping. Follow the route known as the Lap of Tasmania, which stretches for 900 miles and takes about a week to complete. Ride slow and drink in the twelve top places to visit, including Tamar Valley’s wine region. You’ll also spot Tasmanian devils along the way and visit the Bay of Fires, famous for its orange-tinted rock formations.

2. Switzerland

Not only does Switzerland boast stunning landscapes, but they also have a little secret: gorgeous local wine. True lovers of wine will rejoice and experience Swiss wine because this is the only place you’ll get it, thanks to zero exports. Head to the Ticino wine region in Switzerland’s Italian-speaking area or visit Vevey. Here the Fête des Vignerons, a major wine festival, is held once every 20 years. From July 18 to August 11, the small town welcomes a staggering 400,000 visitors! Locals kick off the celebrations with an elaborate story of the wine-growing process in this region. Fill your days with wine tastings, concerts, and nightly processions especially the Coronation Parade where 8,000 costumed participants make their way through town.

3. The Rocky Mountains

Take advantage of summer in the Rocky Mountains there is no snowfall but energizing morning hikes and adventure. Head to Breckenridge, Colorado, where you can go whitewater rafting, biking, and zip-lining. Or visit the Glacier National Park in Montana where you can kayak and revel in the magnificent sunrises and sunsets. Sun Valley in Idaho is also one of the best places to travel in August. The Sun Valley is the US’s first ski resort destination which makes perfect sense as the spectacular mountains are difficult to compete with. There are also refreshing lakes for an afternoon dip and art galleries to explore during your stay.

4. Alaska

One of the best summer vacation spots is in Alaska. Ditch the beach and head here, where you can fly in a seaplane along a glacial waterfall, go dog sledding on a glacier via helicopter or take an adventure kart expedition through the wilderness. Or to wind down, visit the Anchorage museum and marvel at contemporary Native artwork. And, in the evening, enjoy free Thursday night concerts in Town Square Park. Between July 6 until September 8, United Airlines has a direct seasonal route from Newark to Anchorage. Or East Coasters can take one of the popular Alaskan cruises.

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5. California

California isn’t all sunshine and beaches; there are also plenty of popular ski resorts where you can spend the day carving the slopes. You can also experience frozen lakes, 3,500 acres of breathtaking trails and refuel with delicious fish tacos like a true Californian. But not every Californian can escape the heat so check in with AC services to keep cool and safe during the summer.

6. Norway

Even Europe isn’t immune to sweltering summers so head North to Norway for some of the best summer travel. Explore the capital of Oslo, which boasts gorgeous architecture and mouthwatering cuisine. After a few days in the city, escape to the Garangerfjord and revel at the fairy tale scenery where you’ll find waterfalls and sweeping views from the fjord.

7. New England

The Atlantic Ocean’s moderate climate makes this region one of the best places for summer vacation. Visit Acadia National Park in Maine and hike through the picturesque Cadillac Mountain. Or soak up the sun on Sand Beach (although the water will be cold) and catch the sunset from one of the park’s many viewing points. Head to Wells, a charming coastal town filled with summer fun from amusement parks to boat tours. Portland is also a half-hour along the coast making the perfect excuse for a day trip.

8. Washington

Because of its cool summers, Washington has many great summer vacation places. Pay a visit to Seattle where you enjoy the Pike Place Market and bond over locally roasted coffee. It is a great city to enjoy great food, art, and nature whilst not getting hot and bothered. If you want to become one with nature, visit Olympic National Park and take in the lakes, rivers, waterfalls and even beaches. If you’re in the capital, check out the International Spy Museum which has recently undergone a transformation. Visitors can learn about contributions from women and people of color and enjoy an interesting exhibit on cyberwarfare.

Researching and figuring out your summer travel plans is only half the fun. There are many possibilities for a cool summer whether it is around the US or down under. Be creative with your research and find destinations that have festivals and a rich heritage to keep you occupied during your stay. Good luck with your search! If you want to stay updated on everything from travel to architecture, keep browsing our site right here for more content.

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