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8 Benefits of Filtered Water an Easy Step to Achieving Clean Living

Four out of ten Americans use a water filter system of some kind in their home. The benefits of filtered water are far reaching. Water touches nearly every part of a home from the water tank, to the steady stream from the faucet.

In this article, we are getting down to the nitty-gritty of what water filters actually are, different options, and the many benefits of clean, pure water.

What are Water Filters?

Before we dive into the benefits of filtered water, let’s dive into what they are to begin with. There are several types of water filters to choose from but the most common way they’re classified are Point of Use (POU) or Point of Entry (POE). POU water filters are predominantly smaller systems that are found under the sink. They filter water at the last stage before leaving the faucet. POE water filters attack directly at the source. These are usually more advanced systems that are found.

The quality of our water has become such a concern that the Environmental Working Group has created a database where users can type in their zip code and see where the quality of their water ranks and what, if any, contaminants are common to their area. It’s a sobering view and reinforces the need for high quality water. The benefits of filtered water are all-encompassing because almost every household task involves the faucet. Laundry, dishes, baths, and showers, even washing fruits and vegetables before preparing a meal is affected by the quality of water.

Enjoy Softer Skin

Filtered water means softer skin. When hard or impure water is pushed through a filter, contaminants and various forms of bacteria are left behind. What’s left is cleaner, softer water that’s easy on the skin.

Many municipalities suffer from what’s known as “hard water”. Hard water can be laden with chemicals, contaminants, and bacteria that dry out skin. One of the many benefits of filtered water is that it not only affects the user’s intake of water but everything the water touches.

Improve Complexion

Speaking of skin benefits, filtered water can also help clean up and smooth out complexions. When people suffer from sensitive skin, impure water can exacerbate the condition. Mentioned above, hard water is too tough on sensitive skin, drying out the complexion, causing the skin to overproduce natural oils and other defenses to attempt to keep skin soft. Filtered water is a great, new step to add to anyone’s skincare regimen.

Improves the Flavor of Tap Water

When a home has sub-par water, it’s apparent almost immediately. City and well water come with strange tastes that are usually far from pleasant. Improve the flavor and overall taste of the home’s tap water by installing a trusted water filter. Discount Filters even offers refrigerator water filters for the most trusted and common refrigerators including Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, IKEA, and more!

Removes Strange or Poor Odors

Municipal and well water often come with a strong, poor odor. If the home is on well water, this is due in part to the sulfur. Poor odors not only affect the home, it’s an unappetizing addition to a glass of water or, worse when preparing a meal. When water filters remove common contaminants, those associated with poor odors go along with it. Enjoy fresh, odorless water every time.

Budget-Friendly Over Time

Water filters eliminate the need for bottled water. This is great for budgeting and is also good news for the environment. Water bottles are the scourge of the environment, leaving more than 80 percent in landfills every year. They are also unhealthy. A recent study conducted by EmLab P&K, found that the water bottles analyzed carried an average of 300,000 colony-forming units of bacteria per square centimeter, or more! To put that in perspective, that’s six times more than the average dog bowl. Not to mention that water bottles cost, on average, 2000x more than tap water. Trust tap water with high-quality water filters.

Contaminant and Impurity-Free

One of the most important benefits of filtered water is the removal of contaminants. Surprisingly, there are a variety of contaminants and impurities found in municipal and well water. Common contaminants that are removed from water filters include:

Unfiltered tap water contains a host of minerals, bacteria, and other contaminants that can cause health issues, affect digestion, and much more.

“Aren’t minerals good for you?”

The easiest answer is “Yes!” but it’s not entirely correct. There are two types of minerals, one of which are beneficial and can be absorbed by the body. The other type cannot be absorbed by the body and are therefore unnecessary. The minerals found in unfiltered water cannot be absorbed. Other contaminants include carcinogens and, in more serious cases, small flecks of dirt and debris from its long journey from water treatment plant to home. For total peace of mind, water filters trap all of those contaminants and bacteria before it flows freely into a mug or cup.

Enhances Overall Health

Clean water leads to happy, hydrated families. In fact, ingesting filtered water enhances:

Feel safe and sound knowing that the water in the home is of the highest-quality and is contaminant and impurity-free.

Removes Hard Water Scum from Appliances

Tired of a build-up of limescale and scum from appliances. The culprit may be hard water. Filtered water is free from contaminants and most bacteria, leaving fresh, soft water in its place. Filtered water is easier on appliances, meaning mugs, cups, and dishes are easier to clean and hard water scum.

Experiencing the Benefits of Filtered Water

Water filters provide more than pure water to homes. It helps families stay healthy, reduces soapy residue on dishes and laundry, and saves money in the long run. After all, water is something that no one can live without.

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