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70 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Plastic

The use of plastic is still increasing. This it is not surprising, because plastic has a lot of advantages. Plastic is for example light, strong and durable. But plastic has also a big disadvantage. While the use of plastic still increase, the amount of waste also increase. There is about 8 Million Tons of Plastic Dumped Into World’s Oceans Each Year. This fact has a big impact on marine organisms that live on coastlines. We all have our responsibilities in order to contribute to this problem.

CF Plastic profiles is a manufacturer of plastic profiles and is also aware of this problem. They give high priority to corporate responsibility. They have an internal recycling program. products that can not be recycled internal go to a partner. The company also developed an infographic with +70 tips how to reuse old plastic. They want to make everyone aware of this problem and show that reuse plastic can be fun! You’ll find the infographic below. Have fun!

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