7 Ways to Make Your Garden More Inviting

Gardens are ancient additions to homes and will be here until the end of time. They can transform a plain backyard into a wondrous world of color and lush greenery, with the potential to become the household’s favorite place to spend time in. However, a garden takes work to maintain, and a poorly kept one can be uneasy on the eyes.

Read this article for 7 tips on how to make your garden the talk of the town!

1. Fencing

The most beautiful gardens have a lot of plants and are often overflowing with leaves and flowers. Adding boundaries such as fencing is a great way to keep all your plants from growing over each and blurring the appearance of the garden overall.

Fences don’t have to be the 10-ft traditional yard barriers. They can be small, 1-ft fences that can be stepped over and are also super cute.

2. Flowers and Plants

In a garden, this tip may seem a bit obvious. However, flowers are cool but diversity in your flowers is even better. There are so many types that you’ll have an endless selection of flowers to choose from.

Have combinations of roses, small shrubs, sunflowers, hanging moss, or whatever your heart desires. The great thing about decorating with plants is that they always complement other plants.

3. Functional Decorations

Functional garden decorations are essential to making your garden a bit more stylish and still be healthy. Functional decorations are pieces that add to the aesthetic of your garden but also can be used as a tool.

Examples of this are bird feeders, decorative pots and shade houses. These little house-like structures create a space for your temperature-sensitive plants to grow but are a great decoration for a garden as well.

4. Sitting Areas

Having a designated place for your guests to sit is the easiest way to ensure they feel invited. Placing chairs and tables in the space ensures they have somewhere to sit and you have somewhere to relax in the beautiful garden you’ve created.

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Seating can range from benches to porch swings, hammocks, or classic patio furniture. Don’t forget a parasol!

5. Water Sources

A water source freshens up a tired garden easily. With so many options of water sources to choose from, you’ll just have to worry about which one fits your style.

Fountains are beautiful and add a bit of elegance to your area. Ponds are relaxing and can be improved by adding Koi — but you should keep in mind that they take up a good amount of space.

6. Lighting

Everyone loves a well-lit space and your garden should be no different. Using different forms of lighting will really transform your garden from a daytime beauty to a nighttime hangout location.

There are so many varieties of hanging lights to choose from. You can pick colorful lights or simple incandescent bulbs to string all across your garden and along fences.

7. Clear Pathways

Having a clearly designated space for walking is extremely important. It allows your family and visitors to explore the space with ease, and you won’t have to worry about anyone stepping on your roses by accident!

Pathways, whether marked by borders, paved, or fenced off, also keeps the garden from looking overrun or packed with plants.

At the End of the Day…

It’s no secret that gardens are a lot of work, especially if you don’t have a natural green thumb. However, taking the time and dedication necessary to make your space shine is well worth it. If you’re in the position to, hiring a gardener is a good way to always ensure your garden is a well-tended space to chill.

Following these simple tips will turn your garden into a place that you and everyone else want to hang out and relax in. After all, as the owner you definitely deserve it.

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