7 Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Comfortably Cool This Summer

As soon as the sun starts to warm up during the summer seasons, people’s minds switch to spending their time outdoors. The heat is sometimes unbearable outside so we also opt to stay indoors during super-hot sunny days. To keep our room temperatures down in such days, we constantly run our air conditioning which is the most popular way to cool our rooms. However, running air conditioners is as well the most expensive means of cooling our homes. Using alternative ways to keep your room comfortably cool in summer offers you numerous advantages.

Make use of the daily solar cycle

There are several affordable ways to keeping your room cool in summer. The first trick in keeping your rooms cool during summer is to make use of the daily solar cycle. In summer we tend to experience not a sunny day and cold nights. So, keep the windows shut and curtains drawn during the day while keeping them open during the nights.

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How does it work? It simple having the windows shut and curtains drawn during the day does two things, first, it stops the extreme heat of the day from getting into the house and secondly, it stops the summer sun from heating up the house. Having the windows open at night allows the heat that may have been trapped in during the day to escape and allows in cool air to get into the house or room.

Keep the hot air outside

Seal your windows and doors with weather stripping, and block out hot air with door draft protectors to keep your house cool. These products are all available at a very affordable price at your local Ace Hardware and take just minutes to install. They also help to keep your home warm in the winter. Make sure to keep shades, blinds and curtains closed when the sun is shining close to the window. Even in direct sunlight and heat your home.

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Installing ceiling fans in the rooms you often use during summer

Installing ceiling fans in rooms like the bedroom and living spaces is another trick to keep your room comfortably cool in summer. Fans work by playing with the sense of heat directly. For instance when you turn on the fans in hot summer days then they move air over your skin, that chilly wind takes away heat from your skin and puts it into the air thereby cooling you down. The fans can be run for longer periods with little costs as compared to air conditioning units.

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Avoid any appliances that will increase the temperature in your house during the day

Appliances such as the oven, the dryer, excessive lighting etc. are known to increase the amount of heat in the house during the day. Run the washer and dryer at night or hang your clothes on the line in the backyard. Avoid using the dishwasher at all if possible. Doing the dishes in the sink by hand during the summer can keep the humidity out of your house and keep the temperature down as well as the humidity. Humidity increases the heat you feel in the room.

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It is very important to prepare your acne for the summer heat

Make sure to check the installation. You may want to consider a whole house fan for your attic, these fans holding entire house by sucking the hot air out the attic.

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Turn your air-conditioning on early in the morning

You want to make sure your home is cool before the temperature rises outside. Keep the doors and windows closed from sunrise to sunset. If you plan to be gone all day for work, shopping or fun with your family at the beach run the air conditioner on low.

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Change the air conditioner filter for every monthly

A filthy filter will block airflow, making it harder for your system to cool down your home. By changing the air filter once someone, you will make your air-conditioning units work more efficiently and keep your home more cool and comfortable all summer.

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Final Thoughts

Change also the light bulbs you are currently using. Fluorescent bulbs provide the same amount of light, but get off less heat and use less energy. Lastly, be sure to use a cooling mattress to help sweaty sleeper wake up feeling fresh.

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