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7 Tips to a Cleaner and Safer Bedroom

After a long day at work and even a long vacation away from home, what is the one thing you truly miss?

For most of us, it is our beloved bed. The entire bedroom is one place where a person can finally relax and rejuvenate. It is where we can spend hours and hours of comfort and bliss. Most of us rarely step out of the bedroom on weekends. It is where we eat, sleep, Netflix, and do whatever it takes to chill. The only downside of being so much in love with your bedroom is that it gets too dirty.

If you truly love your bedroom, you would want it to be neat and clean all the time. It is important for your health and wellbeing. Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be a boring chore.

Today, we will share seven easy and incredible tips to ensure bedroom hygiene and safety all the time.

Always Make Your Bed When You Wake Up

There is this general rule that you won’t find in any book: If you don’t make your bed as soon as you wake up, the chances are it will remain unmade throughout the day. No matter how huge your bed is, It takes just a few minutes to straighten the sheets and pillows. Fold the blanket and place it nicely near the foot. Half your job of making your bedroom appear neat is done.

It is good to flip the mattress at least once every season. This will give you a chance to properly clean the area under the bed as well.

Get Your Storage Needs Sorted

It is easy to assume that one cupboard would be enough to contain all your items, but life really isn’t that simple. Within weeks, you will find yourself short of storage space. Storage boxes are amazing space and time-saving solutions. You should have at least one spare storage box at any given time.

Storage boxes are indeed magical in the way they can help you clean up in an instance. Now, you got to conceal your magic trick. Stacks of boxes lying in the corner would just add to the clutter. Always choose boxes that are small enough to fit under the bed or go over the cupboard. Find a good place to keep those boxes away from plain sight, and your room will look much cleaner.

Change Your Bedsheets Regularly

Just like the clothes we wear, bedsheets tend to get dirty when used. You may not see spots and stains, but the sheet will absorb sweat and accumulate dirt just like the clothes you wear. It can cause allergies, acne, and rashes. This is a health concern. So, it is important to change your bedsheets at least once a week. Wash the sheets in clean, warm water with a bit of disinfectant.

Dirty bedsheets can become home to numerous bacteria. They even become breeding grounds for bed bugs and various other pests as well. Don’t take the risk.

Make it Shoe-Free Zone

If you have a carpeted bedroom, make it a shoe-free zone because shoes can bring in tonnes of dirt and dust. If you don’t have carpet in the room, make sure there is a separate bedroom slipper you can slip on before you step in the room. Shoes that you wear out in the street can bring along all kinds of dirt and grime. It will make any carpet seem old and filthy within months. It can also cause wear and tear of the floor.

The more dust you bring inside, the more often you will need to clean. Still, some dust will hide inside the carpet and in the corners, lurking silently as a health hazard.

Don’t Overlook the Curtains

Just like bedsheets and carpet, curtains accumulate dust over time. After all, they are too close to one of the main entryways for dust and dirt. If not cleaned too often, your curtain will become a cove of bacteria and germs. This will increase the risk of infections, allergies, and similar health problem. You can use a vacuum to get the dust off the curtains, but you should also wash them at least once a month.

Monthly cleaning is essential even if you have window blinds. They too tend to get dirty. Invest in deep cleaning of your curtains or blinds at least once a season.

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Bed bug infestation can happen due to any reason. Once they’ve made their way to your bed, they will make your life miserable. They are terribly irritating,and they can carry many diseases with them. Keeping your bedroom bug free is an important part of keeping your bedroom clean and safe. Make sure there is no water spills or damp items in the room. If you have an en-suite bathroom, cleaning it should be a part of the bedroom cleaning routine. Make sure the area outside the bathroom isn’t damp.

Spray a plant-based insecticide such as proof bed bug spray to get rid of any bugs you already have. Plant-based solutions are safe for humans.

Remember the Three Day Rule

Again, this isn’t a rule you will find in any book, but makes a lot of sense. If there is any item in your bedroom that remained untouched, unused for more than three days, it doesn’t belong in that room. It can be a book that has been resting on the side table; a pile of magazines you haven’t bothered to read. A hand cream you haven’t applied and don’t even plan to. All of these things should go into a storage box, up in the attic, or out of the house.

Follow these simple tips,and your bedroom will stay sparkling all the time. Make cleaning part of your daily routine,and there will be less mess to deal with on weekends or vacations. Less clutter and more neatness will turn it into a more welcoming and comfortable space.

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