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7 Simple and Cheap Tricks for Decoration

Often when we read a magazine or watch pictures on the Internet we admire the beautifully arranged homes in the magazines and dream our home to look exactly alike. With these 7 small and cheap tricks in editing your home, it can still look like one from your dreams.

Buy a bouquet of flowers once a week

Or simply pick your favorite flowers. It is important to know that the flowers will make your home more beautiful.

Photo by Angela FlournoyMore transitional living room ideas

Adjust the bed every morning

Do not be driven by the thought: “Why auth bed in the morning, when he would sleep in it at night?” When you set the cushions will set bedding and placing tablecloth, except that the room will look more beautiful also you will feel better when you are preparing for sleep. Moving the bed will be more fun if you select your favorite bedding, in which you feel most comfortable.

Photo by John Kraemer & SonsBrowse craftsman bedroom ideas

Set dimmable light switches

Instead of buying lamps, the light switches to adjust dampers that will simply dispensing the light that you want to be lit room.

Photo by Discover contemporary living room design inspiration

Change pillows

Pillows need to freshen up the look of each two-seater sofa or armchair. They are not an expensive investment, but also you can very easily and very few can be sewn pillows. Should look out not to put too many pillows, because the room would look cluttered. You should also be careful to match the colors of the pillows whit the color of the furniture and color of the walls.

Photo by Caitlin Wilson DesignDiscover modern living room design inspiration

Place one or several collection boxes for unnecessary things

Set this box strategically. For example, in the living room where you leave magazines, papers, bills or anything else that could later make a mess. Once charged, you must discard all that is unnecessary or set it where it belongs. This way you’ll never have a mess in your home.

Photo by Organize Don’t Agonize – Look for bathroom pictures

Invest in new, beautiful towels

Frequent washing towels can become rough and faded. It is therefore necessary after some time they change with new, softer and more beautiful.

Photo by STEPHEN FLETCHER ARCHITECTSDiscover contemporary bathroom design ideas

Place candles on good places

Candles can make a discreet and beautiful light, but can also fulfill a room with a beautiful fragrance. Place one or two in the bathroom, living room or bedroom. Tip: just unlit scented candle put it briefly in his wardrobe to get a beautiful fragrance. Some candles have a fragrance that has a calming effect and are great for relaxing after a busy day.

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