7 Reasons Why It’s A Smart Move To Choose Timber Windows

Windows are essential on a house. They offer a view outside, allow natural light to enter, and keep the interior fresh and comfortable by allowing air flow. Additionally, windows enhance the beauty of a home. therefore, it’s very important to choose windows for your house carefully. There’re various options in the market but a wonderful choice is timber windows. Let’s explore the 7 reasons why it’s a smart move to choose timber windows.

Aesthetic appeal

Wooden windows are a great option for their amazing looks. The elegant and warm looks of timber are a crowd puller. Wood is natural and comes with unique beauty. It explains why even some non wood window frames are made to resemble the look of wood. However, you don’t have to settle for imitations when you can get the real deal in options including:

  • Merbau timber
  • Tassie Oak
  • Vic Ash

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Additionally, wooden windows give a house a traditional aesthetic appeal. Genuine wood offers a unique look and feel not compared to other options. the best thing is the versatility of wood. It accepts all kinds of paints and colours that catch your fancy. Wood beats other window materials for being welcoming and accepting towards paint and colours.

Energy efficiency

Wood is a very bad conductor of heat. Therefore, timber double hung windows make a wonderful choice to keep your home well insulated. Timber offers 499 times more insulation compared to steel and about 1,800 times better than aluminium. You’ll save a tremendous amount of money since the good insulation will keep your home warm in winter. Your energy bills will be significantly reduced. Additionally, wood windows have high sound proof ability compared to other materials.

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Cost effectiveness

Timber windows cost a bit higher than PVC options but are highly cost effective in the long run. With proper maintenance, wooden windows can last for about 30 years. These windows even have a potential to last much longer. The cost effectiveness of timber windows is a great idea to lower maintenance costs in the long run.

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Wood lasts longer

You’ve already noticed how timber is a good insulator and cost effective in the long run. Additionally, wood offers better value for money for its long lasting ability. Proper care will make your wooded windows to last much longer. Remember that wood is not prone to rust which is a good feature in case of high humidity conditions.

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Easy installation process

Installing wooden windows is a simple process that requires a few basic tools and some carpentry skills. The company supplying the windows can offer to send an installer to give you peace of mind. The skilled technician comes with years of experience and expertise. Additionally, having the company installer handle the process makes you benefit from the product guarantee with every installation.

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Eco friendliness

Are you looking forward to a green house? Wooden windows are a wonderful option. Genuine timber is environmentally sound and a true definition of eco friendliness. The trees harvest for timber are a renewable resource. Additionally, timber products never end up in the land fill and in case it happens, they easily decompose into useful compounds in the soil. Timber is also a wonderful option to lessen your carbon footprint. This is because less carbon dioxide is emitted during the manufacturing process.

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Lower coefficient of expansion

When compared to other materials like aluminium and PVC, wood has the lowest coefficient of expansion. This makes timer windows to have better stability and immobility. Additionally, you’ll have a variety of design options when choosing the best timber windows for your house. Timber windows come in designs such as:

  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows
  • Hung windows
  • Sliding windows

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Windows play a vital role on a home. Therefore, ensure to choose material for your windows that will enhance its beauty and give you value for money. The best material to consider is timber for its endless other benefits including cost efficiency and better insulation.

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