7 Points Need To Consider When Boarding Your Dog

Finding a right boarding facility for a dog is a challenging task as you would like to get the pet a homely environment while you are away. A good boarding kennel should have clean and well-ventilated surrounding, properly protected from weather, have adequate space for the size of the dog, and have 24/7 medical care available in case of emergency.

There are several services which offer homely and protected environment for pets. But you should be careful before choosing the boarding facility for the pet.

Here are some tips for choosing a good boarding facility for your dog.

Visit and compare various facilities.

The best way to decide the right facility for your dog would be to visit various boarding facilities. Being a pet owner you would know in not time whether the place is suitable for your dog or not. You should also carry your dog so that you can know if it is comfortable in the new environment. Recently, I came across to Akuna Pet Resort for dog kennel in central coast and found it extremely good.

Ask a lot of questions.

It is very important to know the people whom you are trusting to assign the responsibility of your loved pet. Try to check their knowledge and dedication for the profession they are in by interacting with them and asking questions regarding the facilities they provide and the measures they take for the safety of their guests. You should also try to know how they handle the pets in certain awkward situations.

Check if a veterinarian is on call.

You should also ask the service providers if they have a dedicated veterinarian who can visit the facility at any time in case of emergency. This will free you from any worries while you are away from the dog. Also if there is any vaccination due during the stay of the pet at the facility, you should provide the staff details of the same in case you would like them to take care of the vaccination.

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Check and compare rates.

Money also plays an important role while deciding the right facility for the pet. Check the charges they have and compare it with the other facilities you visit and also ask for the detailed summary of how they calculate the rates.

Check the food facilities and acknowledge them about your pet’s habits.

Ask the boarding facility staff about the food facilities, kind of food and how often they feed the dog. It will help you guide them serve right meal to your pet. Also ask if you are allowed to leave for your pet. If your dog does not like some food or has any kind of allergy, it should be conveyed to the staff.

Interact with the staff.

Apart from asking questions before leaving your dog at the facility, you should also intimate the staff about the behaviour of your pet during its stay. Share some tips on how your dog should be handled in certain situations. While receiving your dog, ask the staff if they found it difficult to handle the pet in your absence or any other challenge they faced. This will help you in having a long-term connection with the boarding facility and it will also help the dog as it will be familiar with the place and will find it comfortable to stay in your absence.

Check other services available.

Check if the services like grooming, training and bathing are available there. If such services are available, you will be able to choose the ones you feel your pet will enjoy.

So this makes a general list of things one may take care of while sharing the responsibility of a pet with someone. I hope it helps.

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