7 Mistakes You Would Not Want to Make When Going on Knees for Your Beloved


You found the girl that you want to marry. You have the proposal all prepared in your head; you want it to be romantic, on your knees and you want her to say, “Yes.” If so, then don’t make these mistakes that are bound to get you into hot water and probably a “No,” to your question.

  1. Don’t show up without a ring. It doesn’t have to be an enormous jewel that you spent a fortune on; just bring a ring. It could be a simple ring that you purchased in a pawn shop or a family heirloom. The woman that you want to marry wants a symbol of your love. She wants something to show her family and friends that you are actually looking forward to a new beginning. This is especially important if you don’t know exactly what type of ring she wants. She can take the ring back and trade it in for something that she truly wants.
  1. Just because the girl enjoys sports, loves the same types of movies and likes to participate in the same hobbies doesn’t mean that she is the only one for you. Take some time before popping the question. Discuss the future, your goals and ambitions. Make sure that you are both on the same page before you ask that question. Nothing is more embarrassing than asking the question to be told “I’ll think about it.”

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  1. Don’t make it a public event. Cancel your plans for the skywriter, the hidden ring in her drink or being brought out in front of a lot of people such as on the Jumbo Tron. She would probably want it to be a private moment with just the two of you. By going public, you are putting her on the spot to say yes. Imagine your embarrassment if she said no in front of all your friends! Choose a place where you had your first date or a place you visiting.
  1. Don’t tell anyone. The best kept secret is between you and no one. People can’t keep secrets such as this because they are happy for you. You don’t want someone to ruin your plans by blabbing out your secret. Your fiancé just might be disappointed.
  1. Once you have made your plan, consider the elements if you choose an outdoor spot. You don’t want to get down on one knee in the pouring rain or if there are lightning bolts coming from the sky.

  1. Don’t film the proposal and place it on Facebook or Instagram. Unless you have her permission to do so, don’t embarrass her by placing unflattering pictures that you or one of your professional photographers of Canberra She might want to be the one to break it to family and friends.
  1. Not having a back-up plan is the down fall of most proposals. You made reservations at her favorite restaurant and informed the wait staff of what you are planning. Then you get a phone call from her saying that there is a family emergency or that she has to work late. A man with a plan would pick her up later, take her to a restaurant and then propose.

The proposal is a very special day, right next to her wedding day. Let the proposal show this by making it all about her in every way. You have all the tools; the ring, the date, the place, the words and the back-up plan. All you need now is for her to say those magical words, “I will.” The rest of the details can be worked out later.


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