7 Inspiring Ways to Use Patio Pavers to Customize Your Outdoor Space

When it comes to adding value to your home, nothing does more than your home’s landscape design. In fact, a smart and beautiful landscape design can add as much as 12.7 percent to your home’s resale value.

One key component of the best landscape designs is incorporating hardscaping elements to make the space more useful. Installing patio pavers is a great way to create eye-catching elements throughout your home’s exterior.

Here are a few creative and fun ways to incorporate patio pavers into your landscaping effectively.

1. Create Designated Walkways

Patio pavers are ideal for creating designated walkways throughout your home’s landscaping. They come in different sizes, colors, and textures so you always have the ability to customize the look. To plan out your walkways, think about where people tend to walk naturally. If you’re okay with those natural pathways, lay the pavers along the path.

If you’re looking to redirect foot traffic to better protect your landscaping or preserve the health of your lawn, think about where you want that walkway to be. Once you figure out the ideal location, you’ll be able to lay the pavers. After installing pavers, people will naturally seek out those designated walkways rather than trampling over your landscaping.

2. Use Different Colors to Create Patterns

As mentioned before, pavers come in different colors and sizes. Use this to your advantage and create patterns in your yard. Even simple checkerboard designs are a great way to spruce up the look and feel of your patio, but you don’t have to stop there.

If you feel creative, lay the pavers in a spiral. Create a sunburst pattern around a fountain or firepit. The options are endless and the only limit you have is your imagination.

3. Mix and Match Materials

When using patio pavers, you don’t have to lay them completely side by side. You can change things up by leaving space between each stone and exposing the materials underneath them. For example, plot a pathway through your lawn and leave space for the grass to grow between each paver. This will make the pathway look more natural and helps it tie into your current landscape design more seamlessly.

If you’re looking to create a more modern feel, use large pavers and set them three inches apart in a grid. Then, spread pea gravel between each paver for a unique and upscale look. Keep in mind that these options will require a little extra maintenance each week to keep the pavers looking sharp. That said, it shouldn’t add more than a few minutes to your regular yard work routine.

4. Use Patio Pavers to Make Outdoor Gameboards

Another great way to use your backyard pavers is to create gameboards the entire family can use whenever they’re outside. The type of gameboard you build will largely determine the type of pavers you want to work with.

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If you’re going with a hopscotch design, smaller pavers will work just fine. However, if you’re trying to create life-size chess or checkerboard, you’ll want to choose larger pavers or work with multiple smaller pavers to achieve the design you want. Just make sure the gameboards are large enough to be usable. If you make them too small, no one will be able to enjoy them.

5. Direct Attention Where You Want It

Using two or three different types of pavers across your landscaping is a great way to create separate outdoor living areas. All you have to do is change up the patterns or the pavers’ alignment. You can use the same idea to direct attention away from one part of your yard and toward another. Simply arrange the pavers in a unique pattern that points toward the things you want to highlight.

This could be a hardscaping feature like a permanent firepit or a designated seating area. You can also use your pavers to direct attention away from a feature you’re trying to hide or want to downplay. Things like outdoor air conditioning condenser units, storage sheds, and underperforming flower bushes can all become less noticeable with the right paver layout. For best results, try to use at least two colors of pavers in these designs. This will make them more dynamic and more likely to draw the eye away from features you want to hide.

6. Build Modern Planters

Large pavers don’t always have to sit flat against the ground. You can also use them to build out contemporary-looking planter boxes. This is a great way to use up any leftover paver stones you have after building a patio.

Arrange them in a square or rectangle depending on the size you have. Use a strong glue that’s rated for use on concrete and stick the tiles together. Let the glue dry completely and make sure the pavers are firmly in place before filling the pavers with dirt.

7. Ditch the Dirt Driveway

If you have a dirt driveway, installing pavers is a great way to upgrade your space. Unlike asphalt, they have unique textures and can last just as long even with changing weather conditions. You can lay them to cover the full length of your driveway or use them to create a decorative trim around concrete or asphalt.

Regardless of which option you choose, take the time to learn more about each type of paver you’re considering using. This will help you decide between color options, materials, and sizes.

Pavers Are an Incredibly Versatile Hardscaping Tool

When it comes to patio pavers, you don’t have to use them just to build out a beautiful patio. You can use them however you feel like just about anywhere in your front or backyard. Keep these great ideas in mind when you’re planning your landscape design.

Looking for more inspiring and helpful tips to breathe new life into your home and yard? Check out our latest posts for additional ideas.

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