7 Hottest Kitchen Decor Trends for 2019

Do you want to remodel your kitchen but don’t have enough time or budget to transform your kitchen according to your choice? No worries at all. We are here for you to surprise you with our 7 hottest kitchen decor ideas of 2019.

Yes, you heard it right, these kitchen decor ideas are so in, and trendy nowadays and everyone put their effort to apply one of them in their kitchen place, then why not you?

Though, people tend to see things at their first eye level. However, some of the most obvious and prominent changes you can make in your kitchen would be walls painting or decoration and as well as the floor.

But, nowadays, things have changed; people are too busy to put their efforts of decoration via appliances, cooking gadgets, and so on with countertops while the walls and floors are sadly moved ignored.

So, here we are going to show you the top 7 hottest ideas by which you can easily transform your kitchen within your budget and in the short time of period. And, yes don’t forget your kitchen walls, as they also need to be changed and transform a little bit of course…

Area Near To The Kitchen Sink:

This is the most useful and prominent feature in the kitchen which needs to transform a little bit more.

Photo by Elizabeth Lawson Design

However, you can go with the kitchen sink soap dispenser for hand or dish soap which is so convenient in use and provide you with some hands-free washing as well.

  • These types of sink dispenser come with a small installation process near to your kitchen sink area.
  • Thus, the installation process is so easy and takes hardly 5 minutes to do.
  • You will also get one attached bottle where you need to put your detergent or liquid dish soap.

Don’t just rush with the choice, if you have a big family, then choose the bigger bottle dispenser so that you don’t need to put detergent again and again.

Open Shelves Are So In:

Now say bye-bye to those door shelves or cabinets in the kitchen. The trend has changed now with the replacement of “open shelves.” This little bit of changing can seriously make a great impact on the look of your kitchen.

Photo by Illuminee Lighting

  • CHOICE ONE WOOD SHELVES: While it makes you able to put your spices easily.
  • CHOICE TWO PLASTIC SHELVES: You can even put your homemade herbs pot.
  • CHOICE THREE METAL SHELVES: Which allow you to put some decorations or your favorite cutlery sets.

We have actually seen this huge increment in the trends of kitchen 2019 where people have replaced their normal wood cabinets into these open shelves.

Say No to White Color:

White or light color has become so old-fashioned nowadays. People more likely to make their kitchen with some moodier tone along with alluring and surprising shades of color to further create a more elegant and nuanced look.

Photo by Leicht Westchester-Greenwich

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  • COLOR 1: dark and tense green-tinged color.
  • COLOR 2: dark brown countertops with hash brown side walls.
  • COLOR 3: a neutral color combination of your choice.

Always focus on the color combination, but still, don’t use white or some other light colors at all. Dark and moodier tone shades will create a more dramatic look in the kitchen.

Decorative Kitchen Walls Are So Important:

With the term “decorative kitchen walls” doesn’t mean you just grab a paint box and start coloring the walls, NO. Here we mean to decorate your kitchen walls with some obvious items such as:

  • Try to put some deep meanings sceneries.
  • Or just your family photographs and put them on the walls under attractive frames.
  • Choose some framed and vibrant colors wallpapers.
  • Vintage items are so good.

Photo by Sason Builders

So, this can be a good option for you if you don’t want to change the color of your kitchen walls. You can leave the walls in a plain white color and just put up some interesting items over it.

Kitchen Curtains Ideas

Though, kitchens produce a good impression in your whole house; you need to keep your kitchen looks decent and perfect in every part.

Photo by Studio William Hefner

Thus, when it’s a time to decorate your kitchen, you should to start up with window curtains for the kitchen. So first you need heavy duty tension rod to hang curtains on your kitchen’s windows. After that however, small window curtains are now available probably on every store via online or retail markets. You can easily buy a pair of those curtains for your kitchen, bath and bedrooms to just enhance the look and create a good impression. Before you buy a curtain you need to check few things which I mention below.

  • Colors
  • Material
  • Design
  • Prices

Why Not Go with The Chalkboard Idea?

Yes, this is a great way to decorate your kitchen wall, and of course less expensive. You can simply put a black chalkboard over to the entire wall to make it more obvious and prominent. While this chalkboard can help you a lot at the time of:

  • Parties (just simply write over the menu and entertain your guests).
  • To make kids busy (it is a hectic task to cook while seeing your kids at the same time, so having a chalkboard can make your kids busy at the same time in front of you).
  • However, chalkboard ideas are following by many people, and it is the easiest way to make the kitchen attractive and keep the guests entertained at the same time.

Photo by SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

Moroccan And Spanish Tiles:

We should accept the fact that having a kitchen with the settings of some impressive tiles would definitely put a great impression on the eyes of people. People following to applying some Moroccan and Spanish tiles with the color contrast of the kitchen walls would give you the perfect luxurious look.

  • These kinds of tiles are backsplashes for an extremely more valuable visual impact.
  • More attractive and easy to apply.
  • Therefore, this will simply make your kitchen look wide in size as well.

Photo by Crossville Studios


Just a little bit of changing can create an incredible look in the kitchen. So, choose the best idea for your kitchen and also share your own ideas by which your décor your kitchen under the budget amount.

Do comment on us and share your experience.

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