7 Genius Kitchen Cleaning Hacks to make your Kitchen Sparkling Clean

Are you a proud owner of a sparkling clean kitchen? – If you say ‘No,’ it will be an issue to consider. Some say that kitchen is like a mirror that shows the true nature of the lady of a house. So, if yours is a dirty, greasy, abominable one, nobody but rats and cockroaches will make friends with you.

Isn’t that embarrassing? – Come on!  You have no time to waste worrying about your negligence. This article would be of immense use to you in the sweet struggle of cleaning your kitchen. Just be brave to face the filth and fight with it. Soon you’ll be able to clean off all the stuff. Here are some super easy tips to remove the dirty, greasy, oily substances and make it glitter like heaven.

Greasy kitchen cabinets

Cabinets cover a wide area in the kitchen, and they are visible from the entrance itself. Dirt and grease accumulated on the surface may cause the whole kitchen to lose its grace. Make a mixture of Down dish soap dissolved in 2 cups of water. Soak a fairly rough cloth in this and rub hard until you get a clean surface free of dirt and grease. Wipe the water with a clean, dry cloth. See the splendid shine of your cabinets.

Clean a burnt pot with lemons

Slice two or three lemons. Put them into the burnt pot, add water and boil until the burnt stuff is detached from the bottom of the urn. You will see the burnt food particles floating in the boiling water. Then let it cool and remove the stains by rubbing hard. Wash the pot with clean water and dry it by wiping well.

Cleaning a stainless-steel sink

For this, you need to get some baking powder and white vinegar. Sprinkle the powder on the surface and add vinegar to it. After about fifteen minutes, rub and remove the impurities from the sink. Then wash away with clean water. You will be glad to see the glitter.

Laundry bag to prevent small items from falling

Is it difficult to keep small items like spoons and strainers on your dishwasher? They fall in no time. But, you put them in a laundry bag to preserve them on the dishwasher.

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Cleaning vent filters of stove top hood

Mix quarter a cup of borax with hot water. Fill up the sink with the mixture and put the vent filters into it. Leave them there for 15 minutes. Then take them out and dry. Repeat the process if any dirt is remaining.

Cleaning the microwave using lemon

Take a microwave proof glass bowl and put 4 cups of hot water into it. Add some slices of lemon into the hot water and run the stove until the water boils. Then let the lemon-water steam to damp the walls inside the oven. That steam removes greasy, grimy substances from it. Finally, clean the tray and wipe the walls with a cloth.

Cutting boards

Do you often find it difficult to remove the stains from your white cutting boards? Lemon is the proven solution for that. Put lemon juice on the stains and allow it to be so for some time. Then you will not need hard rubbing. A smooth scrub will remove all the stains and make the boards shine again.

So, you see! It’s quite easy to clean the ugly stuff from your kitchen and make it shine again. Anyway, the best thing to keep your kitchen forever sparkling is maintaining it very well. Regular cleaning and supervising can preserve its good looks.

Some think that the solution for dirt, oil, and grease in the kitchen is expensive detergents and such products. But, that’s a big illusion. As you saw, quite inexpensive, common substances can completely fight against the dirt in your kitchen. Lemon, vinegar, baking soda and dish wash powder are some leading components that are capable of handling this issue. And also, tamarind and such sour, acidic substances can assist you in this process as well. However, not only the housewife but everybody in the family has a responsibility to help in the maintenance of the kitchen.

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