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7 Garden Trends you can Incorporate into your Home

Different gardening trend and ideas are emerging every day since people are starting to take more notice on how the outside of their homes looks like. Most of these trends involve DIY projects so except for being fun and relaxing they are budget-friendly as well.

Clean and simple look

Simplicity in gardening has been very popular in recent years and it continues to be so. Using a clean layout for planting combined with plants of one or possibly two colors is very in at the moment, with monochromatic schemes being the most demanding one. Opt for plants that can do well in any weather circumstances and you will not have to worry or spend too much of your time on plant care.

Play with plant holders

Instead of planting flowers and shrubs in the ground, choose plant pots! It is important to stick to one kind of a pot in order to achieve uniformity in your yard. Moreover, a lot of people are using concrete blocks, tires, logs, etc. as a substitute for a regular pot so that they can add a personal and interesting touch to their garden.

Night lighting

Another great gardening trend is adding night lights in the yard. These are usually placed along the garden path or at the fence so that they can show off the beauty of a garden even when it is dark and provide a comfortable setting for evening lounging outside. LED lights are a great solution for this project.

Furniture of old days

Outdoor furniture that has a vintage or rustic vibe is taking over other trends. Not only does furniture like this creates a completely different and unique atmosphere in the garden but it also takes up less space since it is usually made of zinc, steel or wicker. You can try your luck at garage sales or use your old furniture by giving it a coat of old gold or bronze paint.

Vertical gardening

Growing edible plants at home is a trend on a rise and with many different options for vertical gardening it is slowly becoming a part of every household. There are many kinds of arbors and wooden walls on the market but you can also make something yourself that would serve you just as well. With possibility of vertical gardening there will be much more open space for other projects as well as lounging area which is especially great for smaller gardens.

Organic gardening

Organic gardening is taking over and most garden owners are trying to make their own natural compost. Even rubbish removal Sydney companies have noticed that people work more than usual on landscaping and declutter because of the green living trend.  With more room for organic gardening there is also a rising need for the removal of green waste.

A safe space for dogs

Making a yard more dog-friendly is one of the great trends since many people have dogs as their pets. Apart from choosing weather resistant plants it is also important to pay attention whether some of the plants are poisonous for the dog. Simple design also works in a dog’s owner favor because there will be less chance for a pet to get dirty, tangled or amused by dangerous garden junk.

A time of sustainable and beautiful gardens has arrived in a great fashion with one of their main values being the ability to make people economically and environmentally aware. Moreover, different possibilities and levels of creativity in gardening can boost anyone’s imagination even if they seek a clean and easy way to spice up the overall look of their homes.

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