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7 Fabulous Aquarium Designs

We all like nice and stylish interiors. Trends come and go but there are certain features that are just universally stylish and make a great addition to any home or even commercial space. One of these features is certainly an aquarium. After all, who doesn’t like looking at gorgeous colorful fish while going about their tasks?

However, the advantages of an aquarium stretch far beyond just being pretty. Above all, a fish tank in your home brings nature that much closer to you, and there is probably no need to explain just how beneficial a constant connection with nature is to your mental and physical health. Fish tanks are specifically said to lower stress thanks to their immense relaxing effects and even improve the quality of your sleep. In addition, their stress-relieving effects combined with their productivity-boosting effects are probably the reason why they are popular in offices as well.

The best thing about aquariums is that the possibilities when designing them are virtually endless. Here are 7 fabulous designs that will not only leave you in awe but perhaps even make you appreciate aquariums even more and inspire you to get your own.

Sweet dreams

As mentioned, an aquarium is a great tool to introduce to your bedroom as it boosts the quality of your sleep. The blue color and the calming sound create a tranquil atmosphere. However, don’t just think generic fish tanks. To elevate it to the next level, the design could involve a massive custom-made aquarium in the form of a headboard that is overarching the entire bed! This is certainly a statement feature that would become the centerpiece of any home.

Photo by Kristine

At the workplace

People have also come up with great ways to introduce aquariums to workplaces too. We have seen reception desks with aquarium fronts that give a stylish feel to the front office, but there are even more innovative ways, too. For instance, aquariums used as desk dividers instead of plain old white walls give great character to the office space, all the while making the employees generally happier.

Photo by The Fish Gallery

A repurposed telephone booth

Creative individuals can always come up with ways to repurpose old and obsolete objects into pieces of art. For instance, we have seen several examples of telephone booths turned into aquariums, serving as an eye-catching statement piece livening up the streets. You can find some telephone booth aquariums in Osaka, Japan, but there have been examples of these in Lyon, France as well as in London, England as well for special occasions.

Pmau [CC BY-SA 4.0]

A spectacular aquarium tube

Classic rectangular aquariums are cool, but something even more eye-catching was created in a hotel in Berlin, Germany. The Radisson Blu Hotel’s lobby boasts a massive, 25-meter tall and million-liter cylindrical aquarium as its statement piece that guests like to have a view of from their rooms. For such aquariums of unusual shape, durable acrylic sheets are often used as they are easily moldable to any shape.

Photo by Old Dominion Innovations, Inc.

A different kind of bus stop

Another great example of a unique aquarium adorning the streets is an aquarium built into a bus stop. One of these was implemented in Brazil as part of a project. Commuting usually comes with a lot of stress, but hopefully, something as pleasant as a fish tank will not only raise awareness of a cause but also relieve the stress of passers-by.

Aquarium all around you

If you want to feel like you are truly under the sea, you can visit an outstanding hotel on the Rangali Island of the Maldives, which is basically built like a huge aquarium that surrounds you on all sides. You can enjoy all the amenities while marveling at the sea life all around you – for instance, shark swimming overhead while you are dining! It’s an incredible experience for those passionate about sea life.

A creative bathroom sink

Finally, a smaller but no less creative aquarium idea is an aquarium bathroom sink. A project such as this not only gives a unique flair to your otherwise plain bathroom, it’s also something that both you and your kids will love looking at while getting ready in the morning. A quite practical design makes the top removable and thus the cleaning easy and hassle-free.

Photo by tfayaz20

As you can see, there really are no boundaries when it comes to aquarium designs. While they certainly have their price tag, their effect is certainly unmatched.

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