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7 DIY Phone Case Ideas to Try On a Budget

Vendors make some of the most beautiful cases that allow you to protect your iPhone. They come in a variety of designs, colors, and styles. If you’re someone who embraces change, you may long to switch up your phone case as frequently possible. However, buying a new one every time you want a fresh look can become expensive and unrealistic.

If you want to take on a fun and rewarding project, consider redesigning a bland phone case with one of these 7 cheap DIY projects!

1) A Map of Your Favorite Place

While paper maps are virtually obsolete, don’t throw them away quite yet. If you have any laying around the house or in your glove compartment, cut out a portion of it and securely tape it on your phone case. If you don’t have a map laying around, gas stations often sell them for cheap.

The map you choose to display can be of the place you live, a favorite place you have traveled to, or a place you desire to visit. Any option you choose will make for a great conversation starter and give you a unique phone case to flaunt.

2) Washi Tape

For only a few dollars, you can buy a roll of washi tape at your local craft store. This adhesive tape is a cross between Japanese-style paper and duct tape. It’s sticky enough that it will stay on your phone, but it can be easily removed if you decide to redesign your case a week later.

Washi tape comes in many different colored designs featuring stripes, diagonal lines, and geometric designs, so you’re bound to find one that you like.

3) Nail Polish

If you have some nail polish lying around, use some it to give your phone case a new look! Paint the polish onto a clear case in an array of dots or a striped pattern. If you’re artistically inclined, try painting a specific scene, like a blooming flower or a rising sun. Feel free to get creative with the color combinations! Just be sure to use enough coats to ensure a durable final product.

4) Fabric

You can find a swatch of fabric at your local craft store. The fabric you choose can be a simple color, carry an abstract design, or don your favorite sports team’s logo. Make sure it adequately fits into your phone case without bunching up.

5) Stickers

Liven up a clear or solid-colored phone case with some stickers! You can buy sheets of them for cheap at a dollar store. Dot your phone case with stickers of animals, your favorite TV characters, or smiley faces. They won’t be easy to remove, so be sure of their placement before you commit to sticking them on your case.

6) Buttons

Use some sewing buttons from around your house and glue them to your bland phone case. Plan your arrangement before you break out the glue. Once the buttons are glued on, allow them to sit for 24 hours to dry.

7) Your Own Print

Consider printing out a pattern from the Internet. You can visit a website that offers free graphics and patterns or print a pattern that you find through a Google search. If you’re particularly artsy, you can create your own using a free graphic design website like Canva. Arrange your favorite song lyrics, lines of poetry, or quotes for a simple but meaningful print to plaster on your phone case.

Get Creative With It!

DIY projects are great, as they allow you to turn seemingly random household items into pieces of art! Grant your phone case a makeover by trying out one of these 7 DIY phone case projects.

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