7 Clever Ways To Create Space In Your Home

Do you live in a condo? A one-story apartment? Maybe two-story? Whatever type of residential structure you call home, you may have encountered an inevitable problem most people deal with – space. With population density getting thicker every year in all parts of the world, the demand for residential space is always on the rise and scarcity is getting more evident. That’s why being smart about creating space is important.

People cram in studio apartments in New York; living in Tokyo means you are likely to call a tiny apartment with a dimension of about 60-80 sqm with an astronomical price. If you live in the city, that means you are living in a minute allocated space with a price tag opposite from it. Your personal space is important. It helps us have a well-rounded physical, mental and spiritual health.

There is nothing we can do if the home we have has limited space, but we with a little bit of creativity and cleverness we can create more space.

Keep An Open Floor

Sometimes you don’t need a wall at all. Open floor plans are a good way to create more space in your home. It can turn your rooms into a multipurpose ones easily. And not only that, it creates a more open airy atmosphere because there is no limit set by imposing walls.

Curtain Divider

If you feel like you need respective privacy for each area in your house, but having a wall is not an option then go for a curtain divider. All you need is a good looking curtain or fabric that can make a definite division between spaces in your home. In addition, it can function for aesthetic purposes.

If you want true privacy make sure your cloth isn’t see through. If you have natural light and you want to make the room feel larger but still have separate areas opt for sheer curtains.

Mirror Illusion

If you like to have some “Inception” happening in your house, then get creative with mirrors. Installing a mirror can make your house appear brighter and create the illusion of space. Being reflective, mirrors can immediately double the size of your room – at least in your mind. You don’t have extra room to put things, but at least you don’t feel cramped.

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Multipurpose Space

Just because it is a designated room, it does not mean you cannot use it for other purposes. Whether it’s your living room, guest room or home office, I am sure you can use it for other commitments. You don’t always have guest to entertain in your living room, nor do they opt to stay at your house. Install some foldable fixtures that turns a desk into a bed or a bookshelf that conceals a couch.

Proper Lighting

Installing the proper lighting fixtures can help you feel like you have a spacious home. The more things it can illuminate, the more things you can see, and therefore, the more you feel spacious. You do not necessarily have to put lights in every corner of your home. Maximizing the windows you have can help achieve this objective. Having natural light into your home is never a bad idea.

Amazing Staircase

It may not be the perfect square-like space you are looking for, but the area beneath your stairs is a functional place. It is up to you on how you are going to use it. It can be the rightful place of your computer, home to your books, be your personal mini bar or just an overall storage area. Whatever you have in mind, the space under your stairs can be transformed into something useful.

Don’t forget to use the top of your staircase for storage as well. Use decorative baskets made specifically for stairs to add storage and style.

Vertical Space

When people think of space, they most probably think of the horizontal dimension, but don’t forget that after getting stranded on the limits imposed by your walls you still have a way to go, up. Vertical space can be used by different means and different purposes. Some used it for gardening, other for storage and some for putting their knick-knacks.

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