7 Best Travel Destinations For Autumn Break

This is sad but true: the summer is sure to end, and very quickly. But you should not get into a mess – today the countries of the whole world have become much more accessible than before, mainly due to the rapid development of aviation, and with it, low-cost flights. In this article, we offer great travel ideas for the coming autumn.

Hainan, China

It is very pleasant to rest in Eastern Hawaii in October – the air temperature is very comfortable, keeps around +27 … +29 ° C and no longer jumps to 40. In the evenings, cool winds sometimes blow. The water also warms up to +26 ° C and above – it is ideal for swimming.

In the south, it is usually more windy, although warmer, so it is better to choose the closed bays of the northern coast for recreation. According to reviews, surfing on Hainan in October is especially popular with surfers – strong winds cause high waves, and you can really ride well. It is best to do this in the Zhiyevan and Dadunhay bays. The first, by the way, is the island’s largest surf club.

It is best to plan your trip after October 15th. The fact is that the first day of the month is a national holiday, the Day of the Formation of the People’s Republic of China. Because of this, on weekends, the Chinese seek to get to the sea and often go to Hainan. Prices for hotels and air tickets are rising, and a large number of locals are not too conducive to good rest.

After October 10-15, everything gradually calms down. The number of tourists is decreasing, prices are getting lower, hotels and beaches are freer.

Oludeniz, Turkey

Here are a few reasons to relax in Oludeniz in the fall.

  • The air temperature is still comfortable, suitable for the elderly and young children, and the sea is still very warm.
  • At this time of the year, in most northern cities, chilly autumn begins, suggesting depression, and vacation at sea can be a real salvation.
  • Prices for hotels are lower since the main tourist hype by this time is already dropping. In September, the young generation begins to study, which means families with children and students cannot go on vacation, and this significantly reduces the number of tourists. By the way, at the end of spring and at the beginning of autumn it is easiest to catch a hot ticket at a very good price.

  • The resorts become much quieter since there are fewer tourists and their average age is higher. And you can just lie on a comfortable lounge chair, listen to the sound of the sea and read an interesting blog.
  • The beginning of autumn is the season of ripe fruit, which means the best time to enjoy delicious Turkish pomegranates and figs. You can also see watermelons, grapes, and peaches on the buffets in good hotels and markets. Towards October, the citrus season begins.

Munich, Germany

Do you like beer? Then you should be ashamed if you have not been to Oktoberfest so far. The definition of “the biggest beer festival in the world” does not convey how great the glory of Oktoberfest is and does not give you a complete understanding of what this festival is.

Its fame and scope overcame all national borders, turning it into a world-wide event, which is honored and imitated in different parts of the world. The fame of this holiday was also contributed by German émigrés, who throughout time took a piece of their homeland with them to other countries. Having a more than 200-year tradition, the holiday becomes more and more popular from year to year. This event, which is definitely worth a visit, at least once in life.

Dubai, UAE

If you still doubt when it is better to rest in the UAE, then you can safely choose autumn for a visit to this country. Holidays in the UAE in the fall may seem too hot only in September.

In the autumn, the Emirates is not only perfect for a beach holiday, but also for sightseeing walks, as well as for banal walks through the city streets. In autumn, the air temperature begins to gradually decrease. In November, the thermometer reaches + 30 ° C.

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Dubai is the second largest emirate, but the most famous and liberal in terms of norms of behavior. There are many hotels for a very different wallet: from the most pretentious to the most budget. For example, a weekly tour for two at a hotel, resembling a sailboat, will cost $ 15,000. And there are also inexpensive, but high-quality city hotels.

It is very likely that you will need translation services to design your visa documents. Make sure to outsource this task to specialized agencies like The Word Point.

Djerba, Tunisia

There are wonderful beaches, clear sea, excellent hotels, thalassotherapy, oriental flavor and European level of service. Life on Djerba has always been associated with the sea – for three centuries the island served as the base for Berber pirates who terrified the whole of the Mediterranean. Today, their descendants, having lost their former ardor, receive quite good incomes from tourism, are engaged in fishing, grow olives and the most delicious fruits on the African coast. In order to catch the weather still comfortable for swimming and walking, choose the first two months of autumn for a trip to Tunisia.

Mumbai, India

The best time to visit Mumbai is the end of September and the beginning of October. At this time, you can take part in a purely national holiday and see the Hindu tradition in action. Navaratri is one of the most fun holidays of Mumbai. In addition to temple rituals, the goddess is revered by spectacular dances Garba and Dandia. Dancers spinning like a round dance to the accelerating rhythm of drums and wind instruments. Such parties are held on special dance floors throughout the city. They are considered a traditional alternative to youth discos in clubs. Navaratri ends with an enchanting ritual of Vijaya-dashami in honor of Durga’s victory over the demon Mahishasura.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Do you still doubt whether it is worth going to Croatia in the fall? Definitely, yes! A ripe boot in the vineyards of Istria, the truffle festival in Motovun, free sunbeds on the beaches of Dubrovnik – with the advent of September, all the fun begins here.

First, the summer heat begins to fade, and during long walks, you will feel much more comfortable. Secondly, in the middle of September, the number of tourists in Croatia is significantly reduced, so the queues to the sights are not so scary. The ideal time for excursions is September and the first half of October. Then the weather starts to get cold and unpredictable.

Have we forgotten something or so you know some more attractive destinations to take a trip to in autumn? Fell free to share in comments and on social media!

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