7 Bathroom decorating Tips To Make It Traditional & Classic

If you are building a new house or renovating an old one, your bathroom forms an important aspect of it. Today it is not only a place where you just clean-up yourself but a place where you rejuvenate, sooth, and relax not only your body but your mind as well. So people are paying more attention to décor and aesthetics.

It is good to know that there’s a new trend in decorating the bathroom which will make your bathroom look really classy yet traditional. In other words, the new bathroom looks like the older bathrooms – vintage and classic.

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Here are 7 bathroom decorating tips to follow to make most of this hot new trend.

Classic Bathroom Fixtures

You don’t have to really track down and install actual vintage fixtures, instead, you can just pick them up from the market. This will give you the look, without all the trouble. Like the exposed shower head and piping, and the dramatic brass shower curtain rod and many such ones look especially elegant.

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A Beautiful Sink

To give your bathroom a classic touch – go for a pedestal sink. It looks not only beautiful but opens up a small room too. No need to worry about where are you going to put your stuff now that your cabinet has been replaced by a pedestal sink. Go for a vintage armoire or cabinet that will also add to the look.

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A Freestanding Bathtub

A claw foot tub looks really beautiful and traditional. It will not only impart a classic look to your bathroom but also it is lighter on your pockets too. Try it with dark, or light grey, grout, to make cleaning a little bit easier for you.

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Hex Tile (or other smaller format tile)

An important prominent feature in older bathrooms is hex tile or the smaller – penny tile. It is just the thing you need to give your bathroom an antique flair.

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Subway Tile

Another feature you can use to give a classic look to your bathroom is the subway tile. It is quite affordable too. Again, use it with dark, or light grey grout to make cleaning easier.

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Simplicity in Colors

There’s something really striking about a black or white bathroom. Use simple colors to get the vintage look. You can opt for pastels also that give it a chic feel yet being simple.

The most significant way to update your bathroom is to paint it perfect. It’s cheap and gives a refreshing new look to the bathroom. As the bathroom has a high level of moisture more susceptible to mold and mildew growth choose superior quality paint that resists the growth of the alien elements on the painted areas. You can also coordinate the paint with the tile work to acquire a graceful look.

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A Modern Take on Classic

You can opt for all the above elements of a vintage look (a freestanding tub and sink, a simple color palette, hexagonal tiles) but with a streamlined, modern twist. If you love this look, it just means that your bathroom need not look like a time capsule but a beautiful amalgamation of both classic and modern.

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