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6 Wellness Destinations That Have Your Ticket to Zen

Do you ever feel like you’ve grown tired of the everyday life? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep in the night, no matter how tired you are? And finally, is your mind just plain tired? Friend, you might fully qualify for a wellness retreat. What is that, you ask? Wellness tourism revolves around the idea to care for the mind and the body. The goal of going to a wellness retreat is to be able to maintain that newly found feeling of mindfulness in your daily life (and of course, fully rest while there). Here are some destinations that will make you feel like you are born again.

Enjoy the Midnight Sun in Iceland

If you automatically think of tropical locations for wellness retreats, think again. Iceland offers retreats consisting of yoga, life-coaching workshops, and day trips to enjoy the unique landscapes and activities this island has to offer. Waterfalls and geothermally active valleys are just some of them – topped with beautiful wild horses running around. Of course, a trip to Iceland, especially a wellness one, wouldn’t be complete without a day in the Blue Lagoon. Let its healing waters shed away the things you are struggling with – even if for a day. Enjoy the silica masks of the Blue Lagoon, and its overall spa experience, that is bound to give you some of the best relaxing times you have ever had.

Make Friends with the Local Community in Tanzania

The annual retreat in Jambiani, a coastal village on the island of Zanzibar, is for those looking for rest and regaining their health, but who don’t mind being around people. The village is a close-knit community made up of fishermen and artisans, who will salute you with “Jambo” every time they see you. The food you will get here is set to rejuvenate you, as it’s the freshest locally grown produce, plus the catch of the day from the fishermen. Retreats here usually start the day with a yoga practice, and then continue to offer workshops, classes or trips. Of course, you can always opt for some quiet time and journal or reflex.

Go on a Spiritual Journey in Bali

Maybe thanks to the famous book Eat, Pray, Love, Bali has become one of the most sought-after destinations for wellness retreats. And not without reason! Traditional Balinese experience involves yoga, clay retreats, meditation, healing dance aquatic bodywork, and others. One of the programs that offer strategies for balance, discovery and awakening to manage stress and bring clarity of mind is the Heal-in-Paradise program. But to really get the calm you deserve, and maybe move away from other people, opt for private villas in Bali, where you can forget about the real world and be immersed in finding, and then cultivating your spirit.

Get Active in Hawaii

All the islands of Hawaii are a prime wellness destination! Apart from the gorgeous tropical landscape that is a rest for the eyes in itself, you are welcome to explore it through snorkeling, hiking and beach yoga. If you opt for Maui, you can book a stay at Grand Wailea, a luxurious resort with fancy accommodation and the Spa Grande, the largest health resort in Hawaii. It is also steps away from Wailea Beach, and thus provides equipment for various beach activities, such as paddleboarding, snorkeling and kayaking. On the other hand, if Kauai is your choice, customized vacation programs that include personal growth workshops, counselling, and eco-tour adventures can be found at Kauai Healing Vacations.

Enjoy La Dolce Vita in Italy

Italy is not just Rome and Florence, bustling with tourists. It also has some great destinations for wellness vacations, especially in Tuscany. You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, whether it be hiking or cycling, and join some the guided hikes, such as those to truffle or wine tastings, olive oil producers and more. If you want to experience a truly unique beauty therapy practice, opt for Adler Thermae Spa Resort, which is famous for its vinotherapy – a practice incorporating the natural antiaging properties of red-wine grapes to various massages and facials.

Explore Your Inner Self in Cambodia

Yoga and Immersion Programs in Cambodia are specifically geared towards those who feel like they are on an emotional roller coaster: attracting unhealthy relationships, struggling with the patterns acquired from the parents, craving peace of mind? If you recognize yourself in these words, this retreat program is for you. It will offer exploring through various meditations, yoga asanas or positions, breathing techniques, sound medicine, creative journaling, leading to a deep inner exploration.

Whatever you choose, we hope you enjoy and come back home refreshed and with the right mental tools to live more happily and in piece with yourself. Have a lovely retreat!

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