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6 Ways To Stay Safe When Visiting London

London is a city full of life. As one of the most popular European capitals, it is no surprise that people flock to the city in the masses. With this comes an increased risk of things getting stolen, and your security being at risk. London is a relatively safe city depending on the areas that you visit, and the caution that you take. You can ensure that you and your belongings stay safe throughout your visit, so you can spend more time in the moment and make memories!

In this blog post, we will share some of the most important things to take into consideration when visiting London, to make sure you are safe at all times. The city of London and surrounding towns are full of joy and wonderful people, but you should always be cautious of some people with malicious intent. Take a look at the following suggestions:

Take note of your surroundings

First things first, it is vital that you take into account your surroundings. There are so many people in the vast, sightseeing spots London has to offer. Often with so many people trying to get through the crowds, we lose sight of our directions and even our belongings. Make sure that you are always aware of where you are going, and if you find yourself accidentally wandering into an area with no people and little street lighting, stay clear and get back to where the crowd are heading. You should also be aware of the roads in London, as busy, constant traffic can put you at risk if you’re not paying attention crossing the roads.

Share your location with family

Always make sure that someone knows of your location when travelling in London. This is especially important when travelling alone. This might seem excessive, but taking all necessary caution when visiting a new city is essential. Send your live location to a friend or close family member who has time to check your location often. Let them know where you are visiting, and when you get back to your accommodation safely.

Keep your valuables stores away

Valuables such as your phone, expensive jewellery, and other expensive items should be kept stored away when possible. Pickpocketing is not uncommon in London, especially when it is clear that you are a tourist who does not know how to keep their valuables safe. Whenever you can store your phone away, try to opt for a safe pocket that is inside your jacket and is not at risk of falling out or being stolen. Pickpockets can be crafty, so make sure you are keeping in mind any suspicious behaviour from strangers around you.

Park in secure car parks

If you are opting to drive to London, you need to make sure that your vehicle is kept as safe as possible. Besides, your car being at risk of getting a ticket for unregulated parking, car thieves can also target cars that are left unsecured. You need to make sure that you find safe parking in London within a car park that has security, and locked parking. You will be able to find a car park close to your accommodation, but make sure you check the review of the location where you park to avoid disaster. Lock your car as soon as you get into it also.

Be cautious of people asking for directions

Helping out strangers can become your good deed of the day, but this can quickly turn sour without the right caution being taken. Strangers asking for help can sometimes be a ploy to allow an accomplice to steal your belongings whilst you are distracted. Stay alert, and hold onto your belongings when strangers approach you. Do not stop to talk if there are no witnesses around.

Lock valuables in your accommodation

As long as you have opted for a hotel that has great reviews, you should have no concerns about anyone stealing your belongings in your accommodation. Although, it is still important to plan for all scenarios and lock your valuables away when possible. Most places will offer a safe to store your valuables such as your passport and money. Make use of this, and store your most valuable items in a safe when you are out of the hotel exploring London.

Bottom line

Overall, London is an amazing city that everyone should explore at some time in their lives. Make sure that you are making safety a priority during your visit, and take all the necessary precautions to ensure that you avoid any disaster during your visit. Be aware of your surroundings, park secure buildings and make sure someone is always aware of your location.

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