6 Ways to Create an Inspiring Office Space

Today, most of us know just how important the environment we spend our time in is. Be it for leisure or for work, interior design can really affect not only our mood but also our creativity and productivity. So, it is no wonder that employees might feel burned out and drained of energy if the environment they are constantly in is uninspiring and only evokes negative emotions.

For companies that want to nurture a healthy work environment where employees can thrive, office design should take priority – so here are a few ways you can boost your office design so that it becomes much more pleasant for everyone working in it.

Natural light is important

While this might sound cliché, there is really no way to emphasize it enough just how important natural light is in office design. Not only does a lack of natural light induce headaches but those working in those conditions also report a general lack of motivation and energy, and this kind of atmosphere is not exactly ideal for productive work.

So, try to maximize the available natural light your office space gets: rearrange the desks so that they are closer to the windows and invest in lighting fixtures that emit natural light instead of eye-straining fluorescent light.

Greenery all the way

Similarly to the previous paragraph, there is one more indispensable thing that every inspiring office needs: and that is greenery. Being surrounded by plants has been shown to boost our ability to focus while also relaxing us at the same time. In addition, plants improve the aesthetics of any space and even boost the air quality.

It is not hard to see, given all these benefits, why plants are the perfect way to create an inspiring workspace.

So, make sure you scatter several large potted plants across the office space as well as smaller ones on desks so that everyone can get a bit of greenery.

Colors speak a thousand words

Colors are a powerful tool in creating the atmosphere you want in a space. Offices often tend to be dull and boring with lifeless colors such as gray dictating the mood. However, introducing a little color can bring in so much life and stimulate the creativity of your workers.

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Make sure you consider your color choice carefully though: as mentioned, green and other natural colors such as blue can have a calming effect, while bright colors such as orange can give a creativity boost, so the perfect combination will depend on your aims. While colors play an important role in any company, in industries such as design or fashion, you can use them to send an even stronger message about your brand. For instance, companies like Style State fashion pay a lot of attention that their colors are harmonious, so it can be used as an inspiration for office decoration.

Nurture a community

Some people thrive when they are working alone, while others are great team players. One thing that all of them have in common, though, is that they benefit from a sense of community and positive work relationships. And you can boost this using office design, too.

Incorporating areas where employees can effectively work together and brainstorm will boost their morale and the ideas they will come up with together will be hard to compete with. You don’t have to convert your entire office space to an open office (nor should you since introverts still need their space), but some effectively-designed common areas can mean a lot.

Allow them to blow off some steam

Besides areas that allow for effective collaboration, you should also think about the design of your lounge/break room too in order to strengthen employee relationships and their sense of community even more. Make sure you design the space so that it is relaxing and laid-back, with comfortable furniture where workers can wind off.

If you have enough space, introducing some games is also a great idea. The break room will soon become everyone’s favorite hub and they will go back to work charged with energy and enthusiasm.

Think about health

However, the furniture being comfortable (or looking modern, for that matter,) is not all there is to it. An inspiring office space must also keep the health of its employees in mind and incorporate furniture pieces that are ergonomic and will not cause pain or health problems even when used for a prolonged amount of time.

Depending on what you have available and what fits your corporate culture, you might even think about standing desks and other innovative solutions that will not only make the office space immediately appear stylish and modern but will also do a lot for the health of your employees.

The fact that employees spend most of their waking time in their workplace should be a good enough reason for any employer to do their best to create an optimal environment where creativity and productivity can thrive. Try to implement the aforementioned pieces of advice and you’ll see a change soon enough.

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