6 Unique Designs Based on the Bathroom from Friends!

“It’s the one where Monica redesigns her bathroom!”

That’s right, the designers from QS Supplies have come up with six different bathroom styles based on the original bathroom from the hit show Friends. They include a minimalist design for the people who, like Monica Geller, demand perfection every time. And there’s a tropical style bathroom that could leave you with Monica’s famous Barbados frizz. Real Friends fans will get the reference.

Monica’s industrial style

Exposed bricks and pipes create the authentic warehouse loft style that epitomized New York chic in the late 1970s. Stark surfaces and minimal clutter mean this bathroom will always look pristine. It’s the ideal bathroom set for house-conscious urbanites with a dose of Monica-like OCD.

Japanese style bathroom

Monica always had a little trouble staying in ‘chill’ mode. And that’s why a Japanese-style bathroom based on the calming principles of Feng Shui would be perfect for this Friends’ favorite. This bathroom set is all about symmetry, balance, and harmony.  The bamboo bath bench and pebble tub give the room a distinctly oriental feel.

The Moroccan bathroom

Monica’s Moroccan style bathroom is an exotic, indulgent space where you can relax, unwind, and forget about the stresses of big city life. Soak in the deep copper-colored bathtub and take in the warm autumn color scheme. The golden window shade and bathroom accessories add a dash of exotic opulence.

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A blast from the past

Bold, brash, and confident, the 1920s Art Deco aesthetic encapsulated the vibe of The roaring Jazz Age. A look that puts style over function might not suit conscientious types like Monica Geller. However, they might be swayed by the sheer beauty of this decadent space. The chrome ceiling light looks as if it was ‘borrowed’ from the Waldorf Astoria. The Imperial Empire Wall Light fixture combined with a hexagonal wall mirror will make you shine like an A-lister from Hollywood’s golden era. The Art Deco style looks high-budget, but a major 1980s style revival means second-hand furniture shops are packed with moderately priced vintage pieces.

An inner-city oasis

New York winters are harsh. In fact, they’re uber-harsh. And that’s precisely why Monica and her friends might appreciate a tropical-style bathroom.. This slice of sunshine paradise comes with a high-pressure top-down shower to recreate the feeling of washing your hair under a waterfall.  Wall-mounted taps and stone finished bath transform the tub into a tropical oasis. And why not pick up some fig-leaf style towels to cover your modesty when it’s time to get out. Just go easy on plants. Too much greenery increases humidity, and we’ve all seen what humidity does to Monica’s hair.  Remember ‘The One in Barbados’ episode?

Country style

The white wood paneling and rough finish walls give this country-style bathroom its rustic charm. Retro light fittings and a free-standing bath complete the look. It’s a room suggestive of simpler times. It’s the ideal safe space for anyone looking to escape the urban chaos for an hour or two.  Fill the bath, lean back, and breathe!

Has anybody got a sudden urge to watch friends? We’ve all got our favorite episode  – the one where Joey gets a Twin? – but which one of these was your favorite bathroom design?

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