6 Tips for Travelling Long Distances and Road Trips

People who love to travel may opt for road trips to distant places to enjoy the freedom of driving and feeling the beautiful nature. A road trip can alone, give one more freedom than anything ever. Not only the young generation but according to a survey, people in their 50’s too prefer using their cars for holidays and leisure trips. There is a real pleasure in driving and traveling long distances. Even though roads are often congested but the freedom and feeling of adventure are what makes people are excited about the road trips. But one should definitely keep in mind that without proper planning their adventure can certainly turn into a nightmare.

Here are some tips that can help one have a safe, enriching and memorable trip:

Prepare your vehicle for the trip

Once the planning is done, one should ensure that the vehicle is thoroughly inspected at least one week prior to the start of the trip. This is needed so that all the repair and maintenance can be checked and completed within the time span. The following items should be checked without fail:

  • The cooling system
  • The tiers have the right pressure
  • Steering and suspension
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Check the oil, water and fuel levels
  • The lights are working properly

By getting your vehicle well-checked one can avoid the common cause of breakdowns. One should make sure that while driving the doors is locked and the seat belt is on. Check up on the insurance of the car and buy the insurance for a reliable service provider. Carrying an extra tire is always a must for a trip. It will make sure you won’t be stranded in between the road.

Packing an emergency kit

To keep an emergency kit in your car is a prerequisite for any long journey. It may not contain expensive items but should definitely include a medicine kit, spare fuses and bulbs for the car, a tire inflator, a liter of engine oil, a road map, few likable snacks and most importantly bottles of water.

Plan your route

Know the highlights you want to see. Set up the schedule and book the accommodations wherever required. By planning the trip one can save time on traveling and enjoy the local sightseeing on the way. Knowing the roads which one needs to travel is always beneficial.

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For your comfort

It is always recommended to carry some blankets and comfortable pillows for situations where one has to take a power nap in the car or has to rest at a rest stop. The experts suggest travelers take at least 7 hours of sleep for two consecutive nights before the trip. Sleeping in a cozy mattress builds up the energy of the body for the next few restless days. Necessary items like toilet paper rolls, paper towels, wet wipes and hand-sanitizer is readily available with you. Wear loose and comfortable clothes and such shoes which you can easily slip off and on as required.


Before the trip one should be ready with their “To Play List” that is to be played during the trip. Listening to music is a mode of little pleasure and relieving of stress and fatigue. If one is traveling alone music becomes the best partner. However, if you are traveling in a gang then you should always be prepared for some fun along the trip. Plan some conversations with your travel buddies or family. Traveling with some fun games is also a good idea, especially if traveling with kids.

Schedule your breaks

Planning the trip with regular breaks will help in breaking the monotony of the travelers. It is recommended to take a 15-minute break, every two hours to avoid fatigue and tiredness, which is a major cause for road accidents. If any city, park or store attracts you then plan your stops accordingly.

Long driving hours alone can be taxing but then the flexibility to enjoy any route, stop at any spot, and change your schedule etc. makes it attractive to solo travelers. People who love traveling and driving can surely plan short trips as and when time permits. And for all the people who rarely get time to spend with their family and if long-distance driving is something they enjoy, then they should immediately pack their bags and plan a trip soon. Short trips are a good source of relaxation and mood refreshment from the day-to-day tedious work.

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