6 Tips For Saving Money On Your Kitchen Renovation

Renovating your kitchen is actually one of the best ways to add value to your home, which is why some homeowners feel the need to keep their kitchen up-to-date. However, your kitchen is probably one of the most expensive spaces to renovate due to its costly labor and materials needed.

You may have plenty of ideas and new upgrades in mind that can quickly make the cost roll out of control. Even so, you can still save money with your kitchen project if you take time to plan and look for kitchen design tips that match both your style and your budget.

As a homeowner, you’re the one in control of how much budget you’ll set aside for your kitchen renovation. But, keep in mind that the need to save money doesn’t mean that you have to settle for cheaper alternatives that you’ll soon regret in the long run.

Here are a few tips to help you save money on your kitchen renovation. These will make sure that every cent counts and will go towards achieving the best kitchen design for you.

Refresh the Cabinets

Buying new kitchen cabinets, especially the custom-made ones is a sure way to escalate your renovating expenses. Fortunately, there are plenty of options you can do to refresh your cabinets, which are cost-effective and easier too.

Refacing – In refacing your cabinets, you can keep the existing cabinet boxes in place, but the cabinet doors and drawers will be upgraded into new colors and styles, completely changing your kitchen’s look. It may still cost a bit because this task requires expertise and some specific tools, but it’s way cheaper compared with getting brand-new ones. Refacing gives you the fresh new look and functionality of brand-new cabinets.

Painting – Painting is a lot cheaper than refacing. This is the most classic method of updating pretty much anything, including your kitchen cabinets. This may be time-consuming, especially when you’re doing multiple cabinets, but this is something that a DIY beginner can manage to do and still get beautiful results.

Updating hardware – In case this didn’t cross your mind, you can also update your cabinet’s hardware. Changing your cabinet’s knobs and handles can make old cabinets look new and fresh.

Revamp the appliances

Renovating your kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw your old appliances away. With plenty of spare parts and tools available now in the online marketplace, it’s possible for many homeowners to revamp their own appliances. Of course, in doing so, you must be skillful enough to handle the repairs yourself. If you’re not yet confident, you can call a local repairman to help you out to avoid further damage.

DIY Kitchen demolition

Before the renovation starts, demolition must be done in your kitchen. Calling a professional to do this can be costly, so why not do it yourself? It may be a long, difficult, and messy process, but it’s a smart way to save some extra money.

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Besides, knocking down stuff is actually a fun process. But, make sure you’re aware of what you’re tearing down as you may accidentally destroy some parts that aren’t meant to be included. In demolishing the kitchen, protect yourself with eye wear and mask to prevent any injuries.

Keep the same layout

Changing your kitchen layout is a nice way to shake up your kitchen design into something new. However, a dramatic change in the layout also means an incredible amount of money to be spent. Updating the layout is not only about moving your furniture around. It means you have to change your plumbing, window locations, and walls.

Moving items around means changing your electrical and plumbing setup, too, which is definitely costly as you’ll need new materials and hire professionals to complete the job. Instead of updating your entire kitchen layout, changing your furniture and fixtures is enough to create a new design for your kitchen. Keeping your original layout is incredibly cost-effective, and you can still attain that whole new look for your kitchen.

Visit second-hand markets

When planning to buy furniture and fixtures for your kitchen, try second-hand markets. This is a sure way to save cash, and you can also find unique items that you may never find in a brand-new store.

In shopping, make sure to double-check the item’s quality so that it can last long. Aside from second-hand shops, you can also opt for online shopping as there are also plenty of affordable items sold online.


Do-it-yourself kitchen renovating is another sure way to cut down on your expenses. You can pay for the materials needed while spending nothing on labor. Hardware store employees can assist you with information when you shop for the materials. They can offer you advice on which is the best fit for your kitchen conditions.

Some renovating projects that you can do yourself are painting jobs, flooring installation, drywall hanging, and tiling. If you have plenty of time on your hands to complete your kitchen renovation, then there’s no doubt you can do so much by yourself.

Happy Renovating!

A kitchen renovation is one of the most exciting yet challenging tasks to complete. Before starting anything with your renovation, make sure to take your time in planning your layout, design, and, most especially, budget. These tips will serve as your guide so that you won’t get lost along the way as you renovate your kitchen.

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