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6 Tips for Converting Your Garden Shed into the Perfect Home Working Space

Lockdowns accelerated the remote working revolution, and operating from home is set to be a big part of the ‘new normal’. That means many people will need home offices. Some will be happy at the kitchen table, but others are already planning to convert spare rooms, lofts, and even their garden sheds into offices.

So to help these amateur interior designers create the perfect workspace, imagined how 6 famous fictional office workers would build theirs.

Here’s what they came up with!

Michael Scott

As the goofy boss of Dunder Mifflin, Michael Scott is usually at the wrong end of office banter. But, to be fair, the self-deluded protagonist of The Office brings most of it on himself. So maybe he’ll find some peace in this stylish shed/office conversion. It’s got everything needed for a productive office day, including a desk, filing cabinet, and lots of natural light.

Mr Burns

Mr. Burns is the evil and extremely wealthy owner of the Springfield Nuclear power plant. In an article on fictional oligarchs, Forbes magazine estimated that The Simpson’s arch-villain is worth around $2billion. So if he did leave Burn Manors for a shed/office, it would have to be fully decked out with rich mahogany furniture and giant marble statues.

The Duke of Hastings

Simon Basset is another man who’s accustomed to the aristocratic lifestyle. That’s why the Duke of Hastings from hit show Bridgeton insisted on a chandelier for his office shed. Other dashes of finery include velvet drapes, golden candlestick holders, and portraits of his favorite horses.

Don Draper

Despite looking every inch of the uber-stylish 1960s advertising executive, Don Draper was never comfortable in his own skin. In fact, the HBO-drama Mad Men ended with Draper meditating at a mountain retreat. Did he discover the authentic sense of self he was searching for? We’ll never know. But he could continue his musings inside this peaceful office/shed located in an idyllic pastoral setting.

Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope is the hard-working overachiever from sitcom Parks and Recreation. Most people’s workspaces reveal a lot about who they really are. So it’s not hard to imagine what Leslie’s office/shed would look like. Clean lines and zero clutter – this is a place for getting stuff done.

Dumbledore’s shed

Professor Dumbledore’s garden office would be as magical as his former office at Hogwarts. This charming, wood-carved shed would be full of glass bottles to store potions and large stacks of dusty spellbooks.

The garden shed can be a great location for a home office. And a conversion project is the perfect opportunity to create a workspace to suit your personality.

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