6 Things To Do Before Renting An Apartment In Berlin

When you decide to move into your first apartment in Berlin or move places the search for a new home can be long and tiring. Berlin has a large number of people looking to rent, but there aren’t enough apartments. So the few good apartments that are available experience long viewing ques require many application documents and can be expensive.

So what do you need to do to get a good place to live? The following tips may come in handy when your apartment hunting.

Have a budget and stick to it

One of the first things you should do when you start looking at apartments is to determine how much you’re willing to spend to rent a place. Having a budget has many benefits but the key one is it will help you narrow down your search only to apartments you can afford. That will save you the time you could have wasted looking at apartments you cannot pay for. If you’re not sure how much to allocate for rent, a general rule of thumb is that you should not spend more than a third of your gross income on a lease.

Have a clear picture of the apartment you want to rent

Do you want hardwood floors, stainless steel kitchen or a rooftop pool at your apartment block? You need to decide on amenities you would like in your new home so you don’t waste time looking at apartments that don’t meet those criteria.

Do your research

When looking at apartment complexes you hope to rent at Google the places. An internet search will help you find reviews and possible complaints about an apartment complex. Doing your research is one of the smartest things you can do before renting an apartment because chances are a property manager won’t tell you if there problems with their building.

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Have a chat with your potential neighbours

Another way to know what type of place you will be renting is to talk to people who are already living there. By doing this you’ll get to know what kind of neighbours you’ll have and any problems or positives the apartments may have.

Ask if the utilities are included in the rent

I prefer renting apartments where the electricity, water, internet bills, etc. are factored in the monthly rent. However, there are instances where rent and utilities are paid separately. That’s why you must ask the property manager if the utilities are part of the rent or not. Doing so will ensure you’re not sent unexpected bills once you move into an apartment. And don’t be afraid to ask the landlord how much the utilities are. Asking will help you budget for them and know if they are too costly for you.

Be prepared to negotiate

When you do your research, talk to neighbours and so you’ll have gathered a lot of information about an apartment you’re looking to rent. The information you gather could put you in a position to negotiate for better terms with the landlord. So don’t just accept the first price given for rent in most cases you can pay less by simply talking to your prospective land. More so if you the place has been vacant for a long time or has some problems.

Getting the right apartment for you in Berlin will take effort and patience. I hope the tips I have outlined for you above will help ease your apartment hunting. If you follow them am almost certain you will secure your dream apartment.

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