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6 Styles of Sofas For Any Room

If you have started to shop for your new sofa you will know how hard it is to decide on the perfect piece of furniture. There are simply so many different sofas available today, and all of them have a slightly different look and style. Every room is also different, with different sofas more suited to different spaces.

How do you choose the perfect sofa for your room? We take a look at six key sofa types so you can see more clearly which style will suit your home.

1. Chesterfield

Smart, sophisticated and timeless, Chesterfield sofas are undeniably classic. Created in leather or a long-lasting fabric, Chesterfield sofas work well in a classic-style living room. This sofa pairs well with a muted décor and other classic pieces. However, on the other hand, Chesterfield sofas can create a talking point in a modern room that is filled with contemporary detail.

2. Mid-Century

The mid-century sofa is smart, modern and streamlined. It will, therefore, suit a modern or contemporary space and looks great with wooden floors and classic décor. The simple shape and solid wooden legs work well in light and airy rooms. If you want an uncluttered look but you still want a sofa with a bit of individuality, this is a good choice.

3. Chaise Lounge

This literally means a long chair. It is a slightly different type of sofa in that it is meant for one person to relax on. It has a definite classic look and suits a room with classic detail. It is traditionally found in drawing rooms, so if you hanker after one of these, it’s a good pick.

4. Daybed

A daybed is a more contemporary lounging sofa, which doubles as a sofa in the daytime and a bed at night. It is perfect for a home with limited space. A daybed can have cushions against the back of the mattress, making it more comfortable as a sofa. Daybeds come in all kinds of colours and styles, including daybeds with storage space underneath.

5. English Roll Arm

This is an extremely versatile sofa and it works in a lot of different styles of room. The sofa has rounded arms (rolled arms) and a loose bottom cushion. It is a comfortable and classic sofa that will always be welcome in a living room. It will also date well and should serve you for many years of use.

6. Camelback

This sofa with a distinctive curve in its back is a great choice for an elegant living room. This sofa has a classic feel to it, and it is also available in a variety of fabrics and finishes. The camelback sofa could be a little fussy for a modern living room but works well if your taste is more eclectic.

Whatever type of room you have to furnish, always look for a well-made, durable sofa that will fit the space you have available. Choose wisely since this is an investment piece you will love to live with for many years.

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