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6 Stunning Home Designs Inspired by your Favourite Netflix Shows

Netflix and chill? How about some Netflix and renovation, instead?

The design team from can help you get started. They put together six stunning home decor designs based on some of our favourite binge-worthy Netflix shows.

Here’s what they look like.

The Politician

The Politician charts the ambitious adventures of Payton Hobart, a (slightly annoying) overachiever who believes he was born to be President of the USA. Recreate the Presidential style in your bedroom by casting away all signs of childish things. Replace the posters and piles of dirty laundry with lavish drapes, Victorian-style furniture, and an understated beige colour scheme that oozes stately sophistication.

Russian Doll

This kitchen space inspired by Russia Doll is the epitome of New York’s shabby/chic industrial aesthetic. The rustic kitchen island forms a compelling centrepiece, while exposed brickwork, plain tiles, and concrete floor give this space its distinct raw look and feel. Industrial light fittings and a neutral slate-grey colour scheme complete a look that designers in the Big Apple created and then perfected.

The Queen’s Gambit

Fans of The Queen’s Gambit will love this iconic-looking mid-century living space. Inspired by the living room belonging to Alma Wheatley, Beth’s adoptive mother, it’s a perfect slice of 1950s Americana decor. Warm wood tones and modern mid-century furniture focusing on form and functionality suggest this is a home where everything is always in its proper place. The abstract art pieces hanging on the wall hint that things might not be as ordinary as they seem in the Wheatley house…The fans know exactly what we’re talking about…

Sex Education

Sex Education’s Jean Millburn, played by the uber-stylish Gillian Anderson, has never let motherhood dampen her natural finesses. She exudes class, sophistication, and independence – this is what the modern woman looks like at her best So it’s inevitable that Dr Milburn’s bedroom (although it functions more like a boudoir in the show!) would reflect her carefree cool and effortless chic.


Opulent, decadent, and lavish – this is what the Dynasty style and aesthetic is all about. It’s a look that says, “we’ve got it all, and we’re showing you that we’ve got it all.” If you want to recreate the Dynasty vibe in your home, then a hanging chandelier is an absolute must. The bigger, the better. Just close your eyes and imagine you’re looking up at the ceiling of Jay Gatsby’s mansion. That’s the chandelier you want!


The lake house featured in the Netflix show Ozark was inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the 20th century’s most iconic and influential architects. It’s a minimalist, open-plan design that blends in with the natural surroundings, creating a sense of calm and peace as you wander through the rooms. But it probably doesn’t have the same effect on the Byrd family.

But don’t blame the architect. It’s hard to keep it chill when you’re working with Mexican drug cartels.

Ready to redecorate? Or maybe just squeeze in one more episode first….

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