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6 Outdated Rules for Arranging the Home

All of us when we arrange the home, for example the bedroom, together with the bed, we also buy the cupboard  which is from the same collection. You should slowly leave this rule out when you decorating the apartment, because this mode of editing is no longer in vogue. See what rules you can leave when you editing, while making the home be fashionable and convenient.

Photo by Trickle Creek Designer Homes

Furniture for the bedroom

You do not need to buy a complete set of bedroom, because this kind of arrangement looks old-fashioned. Buy only some nice nightly tables that will stand by the bed.

Photo by Michelle Wenitsky Interior Design

White walls

If your walls are all white, and you also have too many white things in the room, it will look like a hospital. The most important thing is on which style you will focus on, for your interior to look attractive.

Photo by LeichtUSA

Ordinary tiles in the bathroom

There are so many ways to decorate the bathroom that you can freely forget about ordinary plates. You can test tiles that look like concrete, stone and wood. These tiles will give a new, modern and unusual look to the bathroom.

Photo by studio bracket

Large pieces of furniture

The big pieces of furniture are no longer in fashion. Today is popular the simple furniture with smaller dimensions. You need to know that, small furniture fit in a small room and larger furniture fits into a larger room.

Photo by Kelly & Stone Architects

The table and the chairs should match

Do not be afraid to experiment. Make your dining room interesting by buying a table and chairs from different collections.

Photo by Tama Bell Design


The curtains are no longer so fashionable. If you do not like them much, you do not have to put them in the room. The small rooms without curtains would look bigger. And also the rooms without curtains are much brighter.

Photo via Houzz

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