6 Natural Home Designs Based On The Apartment From Friends!

Every true Friends fan has a favourite episode. What’s yours? Is it ‘the one with the sandwich,’ ‘the one where everybody finds out,’ or the ‘one where Joey gets a twin? Or how about ‘the one where nobody is ready?’ Could Joey be wearing any more of Chandler’s clothes? Classic stuff!

The Friends set is almost as iconic as the show’s hilarious one-liners and ensemble star cast. Now you can take another look at some of those locations, thanks to the design team from HouseFresh. They created several mock-ups of classic Friends sets, reimagining them with a natural design look. 

We’re calling this ‘the one where Monica’s apartment goes green.’

Monica’s kitchen

Monica Geller-Bing has two obsessions in life: cooking and keeping stuff clean. So it’s no surprise that her new green kitchen is a well-ordered space that any professional chef would be proud to work in. Rule number one: never (and we mean never) leave dirty dishes in the sink!

Living room

A water fountain feature in the lounge space creates a pure chill vibe. Rustic wooden tables and hanging greenery add to this sense of tranquility. Will this oasis of calm ease Monica’s obsessive habits and neurotic tendencies? We wouldn’t bet on it! And Friends wouldn’t be the same show without them.


The HouseFresh designers opted for a biomorphic aesthetic when reimagining the green version of Monica’s bathroom. Biomorphism uses forms and patterns based on natural shapes and textures. Hence the pebble-shaped stand-alone tub and broken tile floor finish. This is a room to truly escape in. But not if your name is Chandler Bing Then you’ve got nowhere to hide. Friends fans know what we’re talking about.

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Monica’s bedroom

With its soft beige tones, retro rattan bed stand, and stone framed mirror, Monica’s bedroom has an old-world, Mediterranean look that evokes long holidays and hot summers. Hanging wall plants complete the aesthetic, while the treestump bed stand and seashell lamp provide a dash of retro kitsch. The only problem with this room is the throw hanging from the edge of the bed. Someone has forgotten to put it back where it belongs. This simply would not happen in Monica’s world.

Rachel’s bedroom

Earth tones define Rachel’s bedroom. A blend of deep aqua colours, earthly oaks, and light blue sky shades epitomize the principles of biomorphic design. It’s impossible to imagine feeling stressed or anxious in this room. Unless, like Ross, your girlfriend has just revealed some ‘intimate details’ about a fling she had with an Italian guy who lived upstairs, a.k.a, the Weeny from Torino. Team Ross all the way.

The hallway to Monica’s apartment

The plant wall running alongside the entrance to Monica’s apartment is a nod to the ancient gardens of the classical Roman and Greek eras. It transforms an otherwise dead space into an evocative natural feature brimming with life and colour. A lovely thing to see when you open your front door every morning.

In the words of the great Chandler Bing, could these rooms be any cooler? So which one did you love the most?

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