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6 Hacks for Decluttering Your Home Once and for All

Clutter is anything you keep that does not add value to your life. A clutter-filled space can create unnecessary stress and make it difficult to focus and be productive. Many who have lived in a home for more than a few years can attest to some clutter in their environment.

As a result, there may be at least one space that needs to be decluttered of possessions that are no longer needed. This space could be a spare room converted to a storage area, a garage packed with unnecessary objects, or even a closet stuffed to the brim with outdated clothing.

Whatever the space may be, decluttering can seem like a daunting task. Still, it is necessary to create a more organized and functional home. By decluttering your home, you create more physical space and room to breathe and think clearly. In addition, decluttering helps create a peaceful and calming environment that can contribute to better mental health and overall well-being.

In this article, we will discuss 6 crucial hacks for decluttering your home in order to provide a breathable living environment and help you become more productive.

Create a schedule and goals

Decluttering is not a task that can be done within a short period. Thus, scheduling a time to work on specific areas is essential to prevent burnout, decision fatigue, and feeling unaccomplishment.

Finding all the areas of your house that require attention is the first step in developing a schedule and setting your goals for decluttering. This includes all rooms, closets, cabinets, and any other spaces that tend to accumulate clutter. Then, make a list of these areas to help you keep up with your progress.

Prioritizing time and effort when decluttering is essential, as some spaces may require more attention than others. Rate each area according to how cluttered it is. This will help you decide which areas to tackle first. Once you have prioritized your spaces, take on one room or area at a time. This approach allows you to focus on a specific area.

Setting completion dates will keep you focused and motivated throughout the cleanup process. It prevents you from feeling overwhelmed by helping you to break down the task into manageable or small segments. Be realistic with your timelines, considering your work and personal commitments. As well, allow for unexpected setbacks.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

Getting rid of unnecessary items is an essential step toward decluttering. Start by identifying items you no longer use or need, such as old magazines or clothes that do not fit. Doing this gives you a clear idea of what you’re working with, and you can begin tackling the more challenging items.

Letting go of old emotional attachments to things is crucial when decluttering. When you hold onto items you no longer use, you may miss out on moving forward and enjoying the present. It is a good idea to hold each item and assess whether it brings you joy or adds value to your life. If it does not, it would be advisable to part ways.

Large items such as furniture or unused storage containers can be challenging to dispose of. However, renting a disposal bin can make the process much more manageable. In addition, having a designated place to dispose of bulky items will save time and energy that can be better spent decluttering.

Learn the box method

The “box method” for decluttering involves using three boxes and a trash can to organize your belongings. This approach involves sorting and placing your belongings in the appropriate box. It could also include labelling the boxes as “Trash”, “Donate”, and “Sell”. As you go through each room, place items in the appropriate box. With this technique, you can make quick decisions with less second-guessing.

The goal of the box method is to make it easier to stay organized and declutter your space. By sorting your belongings into specific categories, you can quickly identify what is worth keeping and what you can get rid of. It also helps you know where everything is, making it easier to find things. Ultimately, the box method aids in the reduction of clutter, resulting in a more peaceful and well-organized home.

Keep cleaning supplies on hand

When you have cleaning supplies readily available in your home, it helps you stay on top of clutter and messes. When cleaning supplies are easily accessible, you can quickly wipe down surfaces and clean up spills, preventing clutter from accumulating.

Many people have multiple cleaning supplies for every area of their home, saving them from searching the entire house when they need something. For example, you may have a bathroom cleaner, a kitchen cleaner, and a carpet cleaner for your living room.

Putting all-purpose cleaners in a storage caddy or basket ensures you have everything you need in one place, helps you save time while cleaning, and keeps you organized.

Make a clutter cabinet for household items

Creating a designated cabinet for household items that are not frequently used allows you to keep your home tidy and free from clutter while still being able to enjoy these items when you want to.

Decorative things you only occasionally display, such as picture frames, souvenirs, vases, and seasonal items, can be kept in a clutter cabinet, along with knick-knacks, picnic supplies, candlesticks, and centrepieces. The clutter cabinet can be a designated space in your home, such as a cupboard, shelf, or storage box, and should be easily accessible.

This designated space ensures that you can find these items quickly when you need them, and you also know where to return them to. Storing things in a cluttered cabinet also helps you to avoid having these items cluttering up other spaces in your home, making it easier to keep your living areas clean and tidy.

Organize your moving items early

Organizing your moving items early saves you time and effort during the moving process and helps you declutter your space. Even though decluttering can be done quickly, some items, such as heirlooms and worn-out clothing, take longer to remove. Since they may hold sentimental value, it is essential to consider if they can be repurposed, donated, or recycled.

By starting early, you can gradually sort through your belongings and make more deliberate decisions about what to keep and what to let go of. In addition, organizing your moving items early will help you create a more streamlined and stress-free living space.

Clean, Clear and Decluttered

Decluttering your home might be time-consuming and challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. By keeping items in designated places, using storage containers, and decluttering regularly, you can create more space, reduce stress, and increase overall well-being.

Whether decluttering a single room or your entire house, using the hacks outlined in this article to order belongings and make more space in your home or office can help you enjoy a more organized and stress-free environment.

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