6 Exciting Chalkboard Ideas for Your Wedding

Chalkboards can be turned into amazing art you can use to transform your wedding reception. You can cut them into different sizes, giving you the flexibility to try different placement ideas without ruining the overall theme. If you’re lacking art skills, then you can ask someone with an artistic flare to convert your ideas into beautiful wedding art.

In this post, we’re going to share some DIY creative ideas for giving your reception a playful and elegant touch using chalkboard art. Read on to learn more.

1. A Welcome Sign

You don’t need to spend time and money on some fancy signs for welcoming your guests. Instead, use a chalkboard with a simple and custom message. For this external board, an over-sized freestanding option can be great for an open area with no distractions. However, if the placement area is bushy, make a metal stand to raise the art for easy visibility.

2. A Seating Chart

Save time on directing guests to their seating spots with a creative chalkboard seating chart. In this case, you’ll need an over-sized board that is large enough to accommodate your guest list. Use colors to differentiate the seating areas for easy identification.

You can also use your guests’ names and table numbers to guide them precisely to spots where they should sit. Typically, you should design it like a bistro menu with legible names and possible directions.

3. A Wedding Program

For this idea, an oversized board will also be great. But you can also be creative by using two boards, which can be placed them abreast each other. A DIY chalkboard wedding program will save you the cost of printing and designing hundreds of ceremony programs for every guest. You can actually get great chalkboards from Versachalk to help you make a creative and awe-inspiring board for your wedding program.

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4. A Directions Map

If your reception is in a building or a garden, you can also use chalkboards to direct your visitors to the venue. A small frameless or framed hanging board placed at a convenient point will be enough. Just make sure to use color markers and flowers to make it easier for guests to notice them. Make sure the boards have a direction sign, reception hall number, and name.

You can also use chalkboard arrow signs to help your guests find the parking lot, photo booth, restrooms, nuptials, check-in points, and food and drinks locations.

5. Reserved Areas

Even with a seating plan in place, it still helps to show your guests the spots that have been reserved. You can use chalkboards to indicate rows, seats, or tables that are reversed for family, friends, or colleagues. This will eliminate seating confusion and it will allow your guests to find their spots quickly upon arrival.

6. Available Foods and Drinks

Make it easier for guests to find their favorite foods and drinks with chalkboards. In this case, you can make a list of foods and drinks your guests can find. When you are serving cheese, use mini chalkboards to label the different flavors available at your wedding. Don’t keep them guessing because not everyone likes to experiment with different foods.

Make Your Wedding Fun

Chalkboard art and signs are versatile for just about any placement idea in your wedding reception. You can also use an oversized chalkboard to create a stunning backdrop instead of the traditional arch. You can transform chalkboards into different sizes and shapes depending on whether you want to give directions or share some other information with your guests. It’s also advisable to use fine or bold chalk markers when drawing or writing on your boards for reader-friendly arts.

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