6 Dreamy Bathroom Styles To Consider When Redesigning

It’s never easy settling on a dream bathroom aesthetic. There are countless color combinations, styles, textures and elements to consider. In the end you have to settle on one that has to please yourself and the family.

It’s good to look at all the options before you buy any bathroom products. Picture the colours, grab some free samples and color patches, and play around with the existing room. One of these 6 dreamy bathroom styles might be the perfect one for your bathroom.

Light and Airy Bathroom Colors

Softer tones in the bathroom are incredibly beneficial. For example, the light colors enhance smaller spaces, creating a welcoming room for all. There’s no sense of clutter or claustrophobia.

Light tones are also great for a minimalist bathroom remodel. Your walls and tiles can take a step back to allow key features like the bathtub, benchtop or tap fittings to take centre stage.

The idea of a white bathroom is to create an enjoyable, dreamy space. But you can get creative! For example, white subway tiles create a patterned texture that catches the eye.

Meanwhile, you can also complement any white fixtures with bright tap fittings, including color options like brass, copper or gold. These colors will stand out in an open bathroom that feels like you’ve just stepped into a hotel resort.

Dark Bathroom Ideas

When you want to settle for nothing less than luxury, opt for dark tones in the bathroom. Those deep colors, shades and textures provide an unbeatable sense of emotion and extravagance.

The key is not to create an imposing space. That’s why dark patterned tiles help to break up the depth at times. Consider playing around with angles, too, such as diagonal/herringbone or fish scale wall tiles.

Dark wood cabinetry also provides some wonderful class. Choose a shade that’s different to the tiles, so you can really embrace the full color pallet. And if you do have those heavy dark bathroom ideas, lighter tap fixtures are a must-have for subtle highlights.

Contrasting Colors in the Bathroom

Not sure whether you want light or dark elements in the bathroom? Go for some contrast! Few things stand out as well as black and white, while you can play around with other color selections to see if there’s something you love.

This is a perfect way to highlight any accent features within your dream bathroom. Great examples include white tiles paired with black wall paint, or a dark red splashback behind a white bathroom benchtop.

Contrasting tiles also allow for plenty of fun. Think symmetric patterns on the floors, black and white subway tiles on the walls, or bright feature elements. Mediterranean tiles stand out beautifully alongside grey or white tiles, while vintage hues can be emphasized when you want a subtle but period-accurate bathroom.

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Patterned, Bright Bathroom Colors

You can easily incorporate light bathroom colors without a bright-but-bland feature wall. Gone are the days where you simply paint one wall light blue and call it a feature.

Now, there is more depth to any bathroom. Patterns are in, and even well thought out wallpaper has a place. You just have to be smart about it.

There is a sense of tackiness when you include drab wallpaper that doesn’t really sit well with your home. Bright retro greens no longer belong in the average bathroom. However, a splash of floral print can create a burst of color and fun.

Other big options include a mural-esque wallpaper. Think of something that calls back to old mansions or estates. Your bathroom could be full of rolling hills or flowers that are reminiscent of a renaissance painting. Classy and mature.

Just be sure to install your bathroom wallpaper properly for ongoing quality.

Textured Design Elements

Sometimes your bathroom remodel or redesign can benefit from more than just some new colors. You can also throw in new textures to really create a unique room that is comfortable and exciting. It’s a great option if you’re remodelling on a budget and can get affordable feature pieces.

At the basic end of the selections you have textured tiles. They retain the same great color scheme you’re after, but with a slight roughness. Typically they’re perfect as floor tiles, providing additional grip and security.

But there’s much more to explore. Be brave and include stonework or wooden features. You wouldn’t want an entire wall of wooden panels, but you can break up the space with a multi-dimensional wooden strip. Stone also works wonderfully as a bench in the shower or a feature wall.

Textured, natural design elements in the bathroom can work incredibly well. So if you have a feature piece like a stone bathtub or sink, that could be surrounded by simple aesthetic pieces to allow it to shine bright.

Neutral Bathroom Tones

Perhaps you want to keep things simple; you’re after a practical bathroom, not something that pops with color? That’s fine. Not everyone is attracted to bright bathroom colors or patterns. For some, neutral greys and simple elements create the dream bathroom.

Look for shades and tones that can deliver warmth, however. Neutral colors are great but you really don’t want a drab grey room that reminds you of a post-apocalyptic novel. Blend your tones with whites and strong lines.

Ensure even with neutrality there is contrast and definition so you can feel like the bathroom is defined and full of purpose.

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