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6 Cutest Photos of the Smallest Deer in the World

This sweet baby deer, also the smallest deer in the world, and it was recently born at the zoo in Queens, weighing only 453 grams.
This is the first deer ever born at the zoo. Adult deer usually weigh between 35 and 300 pounds, but when this deer will grow up can weigh no more than 10 pounds. After the phase of breastfeeding, this deer will go on vegetarian diet consisting of fresh leaves, grains, kale, carrots and hay.

It is a sample belonging to the South American race pudu, the smallest deers in the world. Their body structure allows them to jump, run and climb. If you feel danger, they produce specific sounds, and if someone chases, these wonderful little animals running zig-zag in order to prosecute those who can easily lose their sight.

Irresistible cute deers have distinctive small nose and eyes as the little puppy. Pudu South American species are dying out, and can be found in the territory of Chile and Argentina.


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