6 Colors to Brighten Up Your Kitchen This Summer

This summer, everyone is suddenly in the mood to brighten up their spaces, and the quickest and easiest way to do that is with new paint colors. Whether you’re looking for colors that make you feel calm and serene or colors that feel joyful and vibrant, these color trends are sure to brighten up your days.

Going Green

From the palest mint, to bright grassy hues, to deep and comforting forest tones, green is showing up in all kinds of home designs these days. And it’s no wonder—green feels lush and inviting, no matter how saturated the color. Bring nature indoors by painting kitchen cabinet doors in one of these leafy tones, or keep your cabinet doors neutral and paint the walls! Even bringing in pops of green by painting kitchen island or incorporating rugs and accessories can bring a welcome brightness into your kitchen.

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If you really want to go for it, try incorporating green with another complimentary color to make the colors pop. Mixing green tones with gentle pinks, watery blues, or even bright whites can make the green come alive. Incorporate some potted plants or planted herbs in the space to go all green and bring the outdoors into your kitchen.

Bathing in Blue

Looking for a bright color that still feels neutral? Blue is the perfect choice. Always calming and soothing, different tones of blue can conjure different moods. Consider sky blues to bring to mind a beautiful day, or a deep, cozy navy to mimic a summer night’s sky. A rich teal can make you think of the ocean, even if you live far from it. If you’re a big fan of blue, you can even consider using two tones that work well together, like a deep turquoise with a pale aqua.

Photo by Doug Ashy Cabinet Design Center

Whatever blue hues warm your heart; you can find several ways to work them in all around your kitchen. Try painting just your bottom kitchen cabinet doors for a touch of color or go bold and create a monochromatic look by painting your cabinet doors and walls to match. No matter what route you choose, blue is a classic color, so you’re sure to love this look for years to come.

Palest Pastels

Believe it or not, you don’t have to use bold colors to really brighten up your kitchen. Even the palest washes of color can bring a light, bright energy into your space. From soft seafoam green, to gentle baby blue, to the prettiest pale pink, even the lightest touch of color can go a long way. Try buttery yellow walls to bring warmth into your kitchen or paint your kitchen cabinet doors in the lightest of soft greens for a gentle touch of color that still feels impactful.

Photo by Leicht Westchester-Greenwich

For the brightest look, try these pale pastels with white cabinet doors for a kitchen that reads light and clean, but never boring. Or, balance these soft, gentle tones with darker, deeper toned cabinet doors for a sophisticated kitchen that doesn’t feel heavy.

Citrus Bright

Looking to make a splash in your kitchen? Why not try some citrusy tones to bring a juicy brightness that’s guaranteed to make you smile? Cheery, lemony yellows and rich, zesty oranges are consistent crowd pleasers. Even touches of lime green can make a big statement and bring the sunshine in. Go big or go home by painting all of your kitchen cabinet doors in the citrus hue of your choice, or keep it more reserved by letting the color pop on a kitchen island or a single accent wall.

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Feeling bold? You can even mix citrus hues for a kitchen that’s anything but boring. If you’re concerned that these bright colors might be, well… a little too bright, try working in the pop of citrus while keeping the rest of your kitchen black or white. The colors will still sing, but they won’t overwhelm you.

Light, Warm Gray

Believe it or not, a warm light gray tone can feel remarkably bright in the right kitchen. A professional reflective coat of paint can do wonders to make a light gray shine, but this color always feels chic and timeless. Gray also plays nicely with other colors, allowing you to incorporate any bright accents you want, without pulling focus. It also works nicely with white and black, for a sophisticated kitchen that still feels light and airy.

Photo by The Artisan Company

To create a kitchen that feels both bright and grounded, try painting your bottom kitchen cabinet doors in light gray, while keeping upper cabinets white. You can also have your wooden cabinet doors stained in a gray tone to preserve the natural character of the wood. Try incorporating any of the other colors mentioned here, too, to complement the gray and keep your kitchen feeling lively and fresh.

Bright and White

Never underestimate the power of an all-white kitchen design. Nothing feels quite as fresh and clean as a pure white kitchen—especially when it’s paired with little colorful accents. Keep your kitchen cabinet doors glossy and white for the brightest look, and add small pops of color in your decor, carpeting, or window coverings. If you’re worried that all-white will look too stark, you can also balance the white by adding in that one big accent color on a single wall or an island.

Photo by Amy Lind Interiors

If you love the white, but still want more color, try balancing the room with white cabinet doors on top and a color on the bottom. Your kitchen will still have that light, bright, airy feeling, but it will feel anything but boring.

Brighten Your Kitchen with a Little Color

No matter what kind of color you’re drawn to, you can give your kitchen a lighter, brighter look with some new color today. Maybe you’re ready to go all in and you want to paint all your kitchen cabinet doors and your walls to match. Perhaps you’d rather start small with a pop of brightness by painting your kitchen island.

Photo by Wendy Mauro Design

Think about the kind of impact you want your kitchen to make. Are you going for saturated color and bright whimsy? Do you prefer look that reads elegant and chic? Let the colors you’re drawn to be your guide and get ready to transform your room. Whether you opt for rich, colorful cabinet doors, or a light, bright neutral palette, new colors can make for a welcome change.

Donovan Thornhill, Part Owner and General Manager of The Door Stop. Celebrating 40 years as Arizona’s oldest and largest manufacturer of Cabinet Doors.

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