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6 of the Best Backyard Entertaining Ideas for Summer

Long days and warm weather make summer the perfect season to catch up with family and friends, and what better place to do so than your own backyard? Whether it’s for lunch, dinner or just to enjoy each other’s company, a well-maintained backyard can be the ultimate area to entertain guests.

Here are six of the best backyard entertaining ideas to help you prepare for summer.

Light Up Your Backyard

Brightening up your backyard with colourful hanging lights can give it a beautiful night-time ambiance that your guests will love. Fairy lights are one of the easiest options to set up and look great underneath the stars. White or yellow lights can brighten up the area and give it a warm glow, while coloured fairy lights will add some fun and festivity to your backyard.

Fixed LED lights or hanging lanterns are other great options which can be hung in trees or installed near other features to complement your backyard design.

Install a Fire Place

If the nights at your place are a bit colder, why not consider installing a fireplace or fire pit? These features are great for friends and family to come together and roast marshmallows or just to relax and enjoy the night.

Gas fire places and chimeneas are also great options and can help to reduce smoke. Remember to keep the area around your fireplace clear of any flammable material. Fibre-cement mats can help to protect any sensitive flooring from heat or sparks.

Just Add Water

Floating around in your pool is one of the best ways to spend your summer. For those who are limited by space, even a smaller inflatable pool can let guests dip their toes and cool down. Pools and water features of all types can add a fun activity to your backyard and look great when lit with coloured lights.

If you’ve always loved relaxing in a heated spa, installing one in your outdoor area can transform your backyard space and give guests a luxury experience. Heated spas have the advantage of taking up less space than pools and are great during the day or night.

Pull Out the Games

Preparing some fun games to play in your backyard can entertain guests and get them talking. Ping pong tables are a classic crowd-pleaser but can also be replaced with DIY options like ring toss or giant Jenga. These games are simple to construct and are also easy and fun to play.

If your backyard is a bit smaller in size, bringing out the cards or board games before a meal can also be a lot of fun. Games with quick rounds and many players are best and ensure that everyone gets to join in.

Outdoor Cooking

Cooking up a feast with your outdoor barbecue can be the perfect opportunity to have friends and family over. Apart from the delicious meats on the menu, many vegetables like corn, capsicum and eggplant are perfect for the barbecue, meaning there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Outdoor pizza ovens can also be a great addition to your backyard entertaining area. These large ovens will cook a pizza to perfection and give guests the option of making their own customised pizza.

Gear up the Garden

Setting up a relaxed seating area in your garden can make it the perfect place for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A long table can bring your guests together to enjoy a meal or you can opt for a smaller and more intimate setting.

Backyard gardens can be the perfect place for entertaining, with trees, vines and flowers creating a shady canopy overhead for your seating area. Hammocks, rugs, hay bales and chairs can create a relaxed garden setting for your guests to enjoy during the day or night, while you enjoy the good company.

With the right backyard entertaining ideas, you can host a great summer get together and enjoy the good weather. Which idea will you try in your backyard? Let us know in the comments below.

Author’s Bio:

This article was written by Daniel Defendi, who recommends Great Aussie Patios for outdoor inspiration. You can catch Daniel on Google+ to discuss this piece.

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