6 Amazing DIY Projects You Can Make With Your Cricut Machine

A Cricut Maker is the ultimate smart cutting machine that has gained considerable popularity over the years. It has enabled people to get creative with home decor, allowed individuals to make the best holiday presents, and has even helped entrepreneurs kick start their very own craft business.

With the ability to cut over 300 materials, such as paper, fabrics, leather, basswood and many more, what you make while using your Cricut machine is determined by your imagination and creativity. So if you are considering investing in one, check out these Cricut machines to get the best bang for your buck.

Additionally, the latest models of Cricut makers feature multiple blades, such as the rotary blade, fine-point blade, and the perforation blade, along with an adaptive tool system, to enable users greater precision and control over their projects.

Read on to find out about how you can use your Cricut machine to make some amazing and creative DIY projects to decorate your house and impress your family and friends!

Cards For All Occasions

Rather than painstakingly browsing the perfect card for your loved ones, why not make it yourself? With the Cricut machine, you can make cards for all occasions, be it birthdays, holidays, thank you cards, greeting cards, or even those adorable custom cards attached to gift boxes or giveaways.

The best part is that you can tailor-make it for a particular individual, add inside jokes and funk it up according to your imagination. You can use textured paper, such as cardstock, and choose your own font or animation to really make it stand out!

This is also the perfect way to indulge in the fun world of paper crafts and using multiple paper materials such as poster board and vellum to make nifty objects!

Wall Decor And Wall Art

When it comes to wall decor, the possibilities are endless! You can use every type of material available to you, and experiment with various options. You can use vinyl, paper, leather, chipboard, basswood, and many more materials!

If you are decorating your kid’s room, you can make a solar system, alphabets, shapes or their favorite animals. You can even decorate your nursery according to a color theme rather than spend on wallpaper.

For your bedroom, living room or even your kitchen, you can hang inspirational quotes in beautiful frames, design custom made wall motifs, stick wall decals, hang wall plaques or make your very own calendar rather than using the commercially made stuff.

If you have got some time on your hands, why not make a wallpaper or silhouette artwork on a wall in any room in your house and hang your artwork or picture frames against a beautifully custom made backdrop!

Use Pinterest and your imagination as your inspiration, and start adorning your walls!

Start Labelling!

With a Cricut machine, say goodbye to all those untidy looking handwritten labels around your kitchen, laundry room and basically anywhere else in the house.

Use creative infographic or written labels on the various spice bottles in your kitchen, organize your laundry room baskets so you never get confused, stick labels on cleaning products or attach labels in your kids’ room to help them differentiate between their toys, books, and clothes.

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In fact, you can just about label anything in your house so things don’t get lost. And if you have a backyard with loads of different plants, why not create labels and attach them to a stake?

Home Decor Ideas

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, it did! Now you can actually turn all those wonderful home decor ideas into reality by using a Cricut machine.

Create the exact kind of pattern or applique with precise cuts and designs and adorn pillows and cushions around the house. You can even use Cricut EasyPress to apply it directly. Additionally, dress up old vases with classy cutouts and make them look as good as new. You can also make paper flowers rather than spending hundreds on store-bought fake flowers.

Make use of a stenciling technique to decorate different boxes, holders such as cup or candle holders, tables or chair surfaces, or plain glassware such as glass jars or masons jars.

Also, consider monogramming various utensils and objects to make them look regal and fashionable. These could include your key holder dish, guest towels, tea towels, coasters, mugs or tumblers, or even your travel mug.

Create Your Own T-Shirt, Purse, or Jewellery!

With a Cricut Maker, you can also wear your designs! So choose whatever you would want on your T-shirt by either creating one on the Cricut Design Space or uploading a pre-existing design and iron on vinyl onto the shirt. Using a Cricut machine also helps you save loads of money that you would otherwise spend on custom made T-shirts.

You can also make leather purses or any other fabric crossbody bags, tote bag or gift bag. Just remember that if you are making them from scratch, you will have to sew them to get the final product!

Whether it’s necklaces, earrings or bracelets, you can create all sorts of jewelry using faux leather, shrink plastic, or vinyl.

You can also consider making your own phone, tablet or laptop covers if you truly want to stand out!

Party Decor Ideas

Since you can customize and individualize every item depending on the occasion, why not do just that for an upcoming birthday party, anniversary or even a wedding?

Create your own banner, bunting, custom made paper cups, photo props, napkin designs, treat bags, favor boxes or even cake or cupcake toppers using a Cricut machine. You can even create your very own chipboard cake stand if you want to avoid using expensive crockery for your kid’s birthday party!

Wrapping Up

Creating a unique and special item or experience is not expensive or impossible anymore. All you need is a little time and effort, and you can create something truly worthy. So we highly recommend that you invest in a Cricut Machine and transform your life!

If you have already tried some of our ideas, or have other DIY projects in mind, let us know in the comments below!

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